Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fanfare, Please!

No, not for me...... for the Queen........ and not Lizzy II either but Queen Guenevere. Although she hasn't been a particularly long term UFO (I think I started her some time last year) she is now my officially designated Tuesday UFO Night project. Here's a pic: I completed the sleeve cuff and made a good start on her dress pattern - the other bits were stitched previously. There's more work there than it seems: the rest of the dress has to be filled with the pattern; then the plain gaps have to be filled with some cross stitches in blending filament; then the collar of the dress is done in blending filament and finally the dress outline and all the folds are whip stitched. My first go at whip stitch didn't go very smoothly, although it was in blending filament around the sleeves, so am hoping when I come to it again with the cotton thread I do better this time round. I'd nearly forgotten just how much I love blackwork..... think I'll have to add in another design to my WIP round soon.

Well I started this post yesterday (Wednesday) but was interrupted by my two coming home and never got back to it. Men! They do insist on wanting to be fed. LMAO

I've been playing with my cardmaking goodies again. This time around I made a Father's Day tag for Dad, to go by the name plaque at Rosehill:

It was a simple but enjoyable one to make: I used VersaMark ink to stamp the image on the tag, then dabbed brown chalk over it to give that sepia effect. The two dome stickers I chose say free and spirit: Dad was something of a free spirit, especially whilst growing up, and now his spirit can soar freely, released from his body and the pain he suffered. :0)

Next up was an anniversary card for my DBro and his wife:

This one was another easy make, although it took a bit more time to get those paper roses wrapped in that flippin' piece of ribbon so it looked right. My fingers struggle with fiddly these days. *sigh*

I was in an odd mood last night and couldn't settle to any of my ongoing projects so decided on a new start. (I can almost hear the cries of: Oh, no, not another one! LMAO). I don't think I'm in danger of becoming a serial starter (well..... not yet, anyway), as this wasn't another BAP but a quickie: the Twisted Oaks/Dinky Dyes Breast Cancer Needle Nanny. It was quick too, as I started and finished the stitching last night - not bad going for a 1 over 1 piece with my eyes - and today I plan on doing the finishing............. if I ever actually manage to get my butt off this computer chair! LOL Will share a pic next time I blog.

The Monthly Challenge piece has stalled meantime: I've got to work out the positioning of the wording on the back, so it looks right, and keep putting it off. Don't ask me why, as it shouldn't take too long to figure out, but I keep getting a mental block with it. (Another reason for that new start last night). At least I more or less know what I'm doing with it, finishing wise, so that "should" be fairly straightforward.

As for other things: DS went to a reading last night at the LTC. The next production is Shakespeare's Henry V and DS went along to see if he could get along with it enough to try for a small part. He came home muttering, so I don't think he was so keen, but he's now bored and wants to get involved with another production. Sorry folks, you can call me a philistine if you like, but I can't abide Shakespeare: I've tried reading it and watching TV plays and films of all kinds, including modern "updated" versions of it......... and it just leaves me totally cold (a real Snooze Fest, the best insomnia cure ever!) Even if DS does get a part in Henry I will definitely not be going to watch it.

DH is having a silly season again: between work and School Governors he has more meetings than he can physically manage......... unless they clone him, but the busier it gets the happier he is. Oh, and remember the bum pinching, sliding loo seat in my downstairs facilities? Well he's now fixing that for about the sixth time because it keeps sliding and working the screws loose. This time it's serious stuff: he's had a trip to Screwfix, took the seat and lid down to the workshop last night and was re-drilling holes, moving one of the rubber fittings and glueing bits. The loo seat was clamped up and left out there overnight for the glue to set properly and he'll be re-fitting it tonight. Guess who gets to try it out first? Yup, muggins here. Guess who thinks it would have been a whole lot less hassle to have gone to Screwfix or B&Q for a new seat and fitted that instead? LOL

Right, I am off to have a go at some Needle Nanny finishing while I'm still in the mood. If I'm not back blogging to show it off tomorrow then you'll know it didn't go so well. ;0)

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to visit and for the kind comments - it's very much appreciated. :0)


Julie said...

Queenie is lovely, i;m going to enjoy watching this one grow. Nice cards too.
hope DH didn't use superglue on the seat, if we dont hear from you for a while i'll send reinforcements to see if you are still attached to it LOL

Miss 376 said...

Thank you for your visit and comments. I agree it would be a lot easier if people didn't want feeding. Hope the finishing goes well today

Sally said...

Those needle nannys are so easy to make up. I've done two so far but I can't show them as they're for gifts! lol!

Queen is looking good as are your cards.

Karen said...

LOL I can't believe you are having the same problems with your loo seat as we are , I dread it some mornings wondering which angle I will end up in , and on that note I will stop lol,
your cards look great , and I will enjoy watching the 'Queen' Grow

Mylene said...

Lovely cards and the UFO update is looking good!!

Stitchingranny said...

Wow - I am reading backwards lol - not literally but I started at the top and saw and commented on NN before I came to the next one and realised just how quickly you had stitched it. You deserve a medal for that one.

mmmm I remember a loo seat like that too - thank goodness its history - I was a bit more agile in those days..........