Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Queens' Visit

Yup, I'm still talking about Guenevere. Here she is once again, after a second Tuesday UFO Night visit:My brain seems to have "clicked" with the pattern this week, as it definitely flowed better than it did the first time out. Result: I got quite a fair bit more done this time around, so I'm a happy bunny. :0)

I had a second nice surprise in the post yesterday, this time from Helen: some red fluffy "feather boa" stuff (sorry, don't know its proper name). Remember the Heritage Stitchcraft Christmas Chickadee we both stitched? Helen finished hers with this and I so loved the look because it was such a fun finish - now I can dig mine out of the drawer and finish it. Thank you so much for your kindness Helen. :0)

Last weekend went well. On Saturday we went to the Motorhome place at Kirmington and had a look at a couple of models that interested us. They didn't have the Adriatik Izola I fell in love with at the Show but there was a nice 4 year old Burstner that, although it looked a tad dated inside, still had the same good use of space and had a good feel to it when we sat in it. It was really useful to go and have a look-see, as it firmed up our ideas about what we do and don't like/want: the small van conversions are out because, although they are great for weekends away, they just aren't big enough for longer holidays (unless you add on an awning - rather defeats the object of us changing from a caravan to a motorhome for more convenience/quicker set ups) and we definitely want a fixed rear bed, with a separate sitting area up front and no over-cab bed (too claustrophobic). We stopped off at Humberside airport on the way home so DH could do a little plane spotting....... luckily I'd remembered to take my reading book with me. ;0)

Sunday we visited my DSis and laid Father's Day flowers at the Crem. It was lovely to see all the flowers there and the wildlife was quite happy to carry on as normal, totally unbothered by all the extra visitors to their haven. We went back to DSis' for dinner and decided to stay in so DH could do a little supervising of the two chaps she'd got round to put up her new garden shed (they needed supervising!).

Monday was my usual busy day. Alex had been to an Embroiderers Guild workshop for making a fabric box the previous Saturday and was telling me all about that. She's used two types of Japanese kimono silk fabric for the box and is now trying to think of a way to finish the lid. It sounds gorgeous and I've asked her if she could bring it with her when it's completed, so I can see it and take some pics to post here - hopefully it won't be too long before she does that. :0)

Stitching wise: I still have the finishing to do on the Monthly Challenge piece (I will get around to it soon!). I've managed to get back to stitching on the other Queen, Cleopatra - will share a pic next time. The next Ozark SAL pack arrived today: another lovely colour and nice pattern, so I shall enjoy making a start on that tonight. As I haven't got any other stitchy pics to share today I thought I'd show you some of the goodies I received in my last Thread Bear order:

The Elizabeth Design piece I'm thinking of stitching for our 25th Wedding Anniversary, only two years away now. The Seasons of my Life I just couldn't resist when I saw it: it so brings to mind the Goddess as maid, mother and crone and the Pagan take on life that it's a must stitch piece. The fabric is R&R 30ct Goldfinch, to be used for the LHN needlebook and Always and Forever, a chart I got last time around. The Halloween piece is another one I love. BTW, if anyone knows where I can get some hand dyed orangey coloured fabric similar to that in the chart pic I'd be much obliged if you could point me in the right direction, thanks. :0)

The last couple of days I've been doing a little organising (don't all faint in shock! LOL). I unearthed a QVC TSV cardmaking box of goodies whilst looking for something else (as you do) and in it I found one of those plastic, expanding crocodile files. Result: a nicely organised 12x12 and 8x8 paper stash in that and the better paper and fancy card stock has been organised into the smaller file I bought from The Range some time ago. DH and DS have yet to notice..... but that's par for the course. ;0)

Lynn: so glad the card etc arrived safely and that you liked them. Glad the notepaper gave you a smile - whenever you look at it remember that there's another "red hot mama" out in cyberspace who is thinking about you. :0) Unfortunately I still can't comment on your blog - luckily I'm able to read it via Bloglines. I'm convinced it's a problem at my end, which I hope will be solved when DH sets up the new computer tower for me and I can get all the Windows updates (whenever that will be - we've only had it a couple of months so far! LOL).

Well, if I'm going to make a start on the next part of the Ozark piece I'd better get out from behind this computer.

Hope you all had a good weekend and that this week is treating you well. Many thanks for visiting. :0)


Sally said...

Guenervere is looking very impressive Karan:)

More nice new stash:) I bought that LHN Wool needlebook a while ago. Still haven't got around to stitching it! Lol!

Julie said...

Guen looks great, you made great progress

Nice stash, i think i have that ED ii my stash, came in a bargain sale pack a very long time ago.