Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Thank You's, A Queen and a Card

To all you kind folks out there: many thanks for the well wishes. Thankfully whatever I had was short-lived and I'm now back to normal (well..... as normal as it gets round here! LOL)

Also thank you for the nice comments about my Challenge piece - they made my day. :0)

After my nasty start to the week I decided to slide back gently into my regular routine. So, after doing a couple of house jobs, I took time out to watch Dawn Bibby's two hour slot on QVC yesterday afternoon whilst completing the first corner motif on the Ozark SAL piece. An enjoyable session as I usually only stitch in an evening. I'll fess up now: I did give in to temptation - only once though. ;0) I've ordered an embroidery on card kit that has brass stencils, metallic threads and a booklet on how to use the goodies - it'll go with the other kit I bought a while ago that I haven't used yet as it didn't have a book explaining the techniques. I'll enjoy experimenting with it all when it gets here.

As it was Tuesday UFO Night yesterday the Queen came out for another outing in the evening:

Am happy with the progress made but I reckon I'll be seeing that dress pattern in my dreams before it's completed! Think I may have a break from the black next week and start on the blending filament infill in those gaps instead - it should brighten it up quite nicely.

Thought I'd also share a pic of a card I made and sent to Dawn last week:

Hope the house move went smoothly and she's nicely settling in by now. Has anyone heard anything?

DH had a brain hurting start to this week: he was on a two-day course, held at the Admin Centre on the Works. He didn't object as it meant an early finish each day, although that didn't mean him getting extra time to chill at home, as he also had Governor's meetings to attend both evenings: one at the Juniors and the other at the High School. It did mean I was in charge of the TV remote, as DS was also out both evenings, so I avoided the usual mix of Dad's Army/Pie In The Sky (DH) and Scrubs/Fresh Prince of Bel Aire (DS) repeats. Yay! I'd much rather be watching a good documentary. :0)

Did I tell you that DS decided, in the end, to go for a small part in the LTC's production of Shakespeare's Henry V? He got it. Not sure how happy he is about it but it'll keep him busy and out of mischief and, who knows, all that flowery Shakesperian language may just grow on him. LOL

My stitching plans for today are to get the second corner motif on the Ozark SAL stitched and, if that doesn't take too long, either do a bit more on the other Queen (Cleo) or put some stitches in to Night Watchman, who has been sadly neglected just lately.
Non-stitching plans are to have a catch up on blog reading/commenting and have a few minutes pottering in my garden, in between the rain showers, at some point today - I need the fresh air and to get close to nature to re-charge myself, so I can work up to having that library trip before too much longer. :0)

Thanks again for all the lovely comments and for taking the time to visit. Hope you are all having a good week and are stitching up a storm. :0)


Julie said...

Queenie is growing lovely and i love the card you made for Dawn.
Glad you are feeling A1 again!

Miss 376 said...

That kit sounds really interesting, I'm sure you will have fun with it and turn out a masterpiece.

Stitchingranny said...

Dawn did say she may be two or three weeks without internet connection when she first moved so I am assuming that is the main reason we have not heard from her Karan. A lovely card though and I am sure she will be thrilled with it.

Progress on the UFO is very good. I am working on HAED at the moment so may do some ufo in the evenings to give myself a break from the confetti.

Elisa said...

Your Queen is coming along nicely...well done to your DS on treading the boards!