Monday, 30 June 2008

Something Fishy?

DH enjoyed his fishing trip on Saturday. He reckons he caught nine fish and one of those was unintentional: he left the line dangling in the river, without bait on the hook, while he went for a wander round - when he came back there was a tiddler on the end of it! Someone took a pic of the larger fish he caught (unfortunately it didn't turn out) but luckily the pic with the second biggest fish did, so yes he has got some proof. ;0)

It's a carp, in case you needed to know. I wouldn't have known if DH hadn't of told me and, to be honest, neither would he if one of the regular anglers in the group hadn't of told him. LOL BTW, it and all the catches went back into the fishing pond unharmed at the end of the day. When DH first came home I had to do a double-take: his face looked like someone had been slapping him all day (no, not me - I stayed home, remember).......... he'd caught the sun big time. Luckily there was a bottle of after-sun in the house, so he applied that and it seems to have done the trick. Thanks to the weather looking so overcast and dingy before they went, plus the weather forecast predicting rain showers, no one had thought to take any sun block with them. The female engineer (nicknamed Bert, apparently) won the prize for the worst sun burn, poor lass.

While the two fellas were out I took the opportunity to give Cleo some attention and got her face and neck completed. As DH and I were both feeling a bit off yesterday (he was tired after his long day/all that fresh air and I was really headachey) and the weather was unpredictable we stayed home (good call: it severely persisted it down in the afternoon). So, whilst DH had the printer to pieces, gave everything a good clean and put it all back together again (no spare parts left over - it's useful having an engineer around who knows what he's doing! LOL) I carried on with Cleo when the headache had gone and I got the chance to sit down, in between jobs. She's shown the benefit of it all:

Not just a face and neck but an upper arm as well. :0)

Something I forgot to mention last week: the Monthly Challenge for July is the Debbie Draper Designs freebie Love. I've got the chart printed out, ready to go, and an idea for finishing but I need to check some dimensions first - if they're OK I can then go ahead and choose my fabric, threads and finishing bits and pieces and make a start. It wasn't the design I voted for (that was the Hornbook Stitcher piece) but it was my second choice, so am happy to be stitching it, especially as it will be yet another one I'll be able cross off my very long "To Do" List. :0)

Today it's my usual Monday routine of boring stuff (yes, the dreaded "H" word) in preparation for Alex coming round later. I'm hoping she remembers to bring her Japanese kimono silk fabric box - am so wanting to see it as it sounds gorgeous, from how she's described it. If she does I'll see if she'll let me take some pics so I can post them and let you see just how lovely her pieces are.

Many thanks to all who have taken the time to visit - hope you all had a good weekend and a gentle start to the week. :0)


Julie said...

WOW Cleo looks amazing!

Congrat to DH on his catch, my DS keeps sun cream in his tackle box now, apparentyly its the reflection on the water that makes it worse ... thats what he tells me LOL

Hoping Alex remembers the box too ...

Miss 376 said...

Last time the boys went to stay with their dad, I had an excited phone call as one of the boys had caught his first fish. It was a decent sized trout which he brought home for me to cook. Not sure how they thought I could help take the hook out of it's mouth over the phone though

Sally said...

Cleo is looking fantastic! Her eyes look so real!

Mylene said...

Great progress on Cleo!