Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tiring But Fun

Definitely the best way to describe this weekend. Thought I would first give you a look-see at the stash I bought from my LNS on Saturday:

Sunday and DS shot off bright and early to help out with the Get In at the theatre and we didn't see him again until gone 10pm. We started out with going to Silica Lodge Garden Centre for our dinner - had a little look round after but nothing caught our eyes. Next we went to the Stephen H Smith's Garden Centre, so I could go raid the rather good craft shop there. No pumpkin orange cording in sight but I did find some other goodies that were on my shopping list (the Whisper templates)...... and some I decided needed to be on it when I saw them. ;0) Here's that haul:

Aren't those Halloween tags so cute? LOL We also managed to come away with another bird feeding station for the garden which I want to set up with special seeds to attract robins, tits and finches to come and visit.

Next up was a trip to The Range - frustratingly enough, still no pumpkin orange cording but I did console myself with a reel of thin orange piping and a couple of other must-haves and also found a nice replacement shower curtain for the bathroom. See, it wasn't all craft stuff. LOL It's thirsty work, all this looking round and shopping, so we stopped off for a drink in the cafe and I succumbed to one of their choc chip cookies with white choc chips in it. Now the mix of choc chip cookie and mango and passionfruit drink doesn't quite work but I decided to be brave and go ahead and deal with it anyway. LMAO.

Next was a trip to Poundstretcher, just across the road. What is it with that place that has you filling your trolley? We went in to get a couple of tubs of wild bird fat balls (our ram-raiding sparrows love them, getting through loads and Poundstretchers have the cheapest price) and we also came out with a new steam iron (that was on the list, so that wasn't so bad) BUT we also came out with a Halloween bucket and sweeties (ready for the Trick or Treaters), a new yard brush and pan and some other household bits plus a laminator. Now that laminator definitely wasn't on the list and, although we'd said in the past that it would be a useful thing to have at some point, it wasn't a priority........ but at £9.99 it was just way too good to ignore...... and I have just the spot for it, once DH has moved the old printer out of the way. Think it'll be a while before we go in there again though. LOL

Home, and while DH sorted the chicken and put it in the oven I put the shopping away, then he went out and mowed the lawn while I prepared the veggies. A Farmers Market corn fed roast chicken and all the trimmings for tea - DS nuked and ate his when he finally got in. It wasn't all work and no play though, as I managed to get the second Halloween ornie completed later on:

Stitched 2 over 2 in DMC threads

Polstitches 28ct Hot Potatoes evenweave fabric.

I also finished reading the book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon (see The Reading Corner Blog for more info). This is another one I shall register with the Book Crossing web site but am thinking of doing a controlled release this time. Does anyone fancy reading this? I'm happy to post it out to someone, so long as the recipient is willing to go to Book Crossing and journal on it, then pass it on - I really would love to see at least one of my registered books begin travelling soon!

Despite planning to do some no other stitching got done over the weekend - we were either out or I was in but too tired and not fancying a frog visit. The intention is to make up for that lack this week: today it's my regular jobs session before Alex's visit but tonight I want to get the final Ozark SAL motif done.

Well, it's time I gave the Dyson a trip out of the cupboard so best be off.

Many thanks for all the lovely comments and for visiting - you make my day. :0)


Angela said...

Hi Karen I'd love that book its one of those I have been debating about reading for ages. When I read all the posts about hpow good it was in your previous post it went onto my must read list. As you know i like launching books into the wilderness and regularly do so at various campsites.

Love the finished Halloween stitching it is a great colour.

Julie said...

What a cutie design. Great stash haul too.

Mylene said...

Great stash!! And that's a cute halloween piece.

Dani - tkdchick said...

cute ornie!!!!

Nicola said...

Great stash haul there Karan!

Sally said...

Cute Halloween piece Karan.

OK spill the beans! What's your LNS called and where is it? I may have to pop in if we visit DH's auntie at any time!

Elisa said...

Great stash and a good shopping spree...I love Pounstretcher and Poundland too.
Love that halloween design, I stitched it for DS last year :)

Rachael said...

Cute pumpkin! Oh lovely stash!