Friday, 12 September 2008

Sea Stars and Other Things

A rather belated showing of this weeks Thursday Night SAL progress on Sea Stars - still, better late than never I guess!

The top small motif is stitched in Carrie's Country Blue and the lower in Solitude. If it hadn't been for an attack of the dreaded frog on the top motif, where I had to re-do the top half of it due to being a stitch out, the second motif would have been finished. I think it must have been the night for it, as Rosanne also had to frog some of her piece. Barb is on her holiday, so didn't stitch - I wonder if the frogs conspired together to make sure we didn't go racing too far ahead of her. :0)

DH had the day off on Friday. After breakfast he set to and put fresh silicone sealant all round the bathroom sink, tap and back of the vanity unit so hopefully making it all watertight again. It's ready for a wipe down and the stuff going back in there once he's cleared the clutter away. We then popped to Screwfix to pick up the new light and bulb for DSis's front bedroom, as she's finished all the painting and wallpapering now, then set off to Epworth to have dinner at The Lemon Tree Tea Room. It was a bit of a trip down memory lane, as Mum and Dad used to love meeting up with us there on a Sunday for a meal, a natter and a look round at everything. After that we called in at a shop to buy some flowers then set off for Rosehill. Once again the pathway that Mum's plaque is on was looking neglected, so we did a tidy up before putting some flowers in the little pot and putting her tag there. We then put some flowers in the pot at the monument where Mum and Dad's name plaque is, then put a rose near where Mum's ashes are and a little spray of carnations near Dad's ashes. It was drizzling with rain but still looked lovely and felt peaceful. We saw the big buck rabbit in the undergrowth again and a squirrel skittered down a tree, then scurried away when he saw us. For the first time ever a large dragonfly appeared and did a dancing flight around the area in front of where I was stood in the scattering area, twice flying towards me and then away - it was one of those special moments that has you glued to the spot with wonder. :0) When I glanced away and looked back it had gone. DH didn't see it at all.

By this time the drizzle was a bit more substantial, so we said our goodbyes and left, driving to The Outlet to see my DSis - she had to work, so couldn't go with us to Rosehill this time. We called in for a coffee and warm through/dry out and she was glad of the distraction - it wasn't very busy for a Friday and they were looking for things to do. Afterwards we did a little shopping. First stop was the book shop and there are always lots of interesting books in there at reduced prices so I got me a nice haul:

Thought it was about time I read about my own country's myths and legends and not just those from Ancient Greece and Egypt - the book is the size of a large doorstop, so it'll keep me quiet for a while. LOL The Ceremonies book doesn't just include Pagan celebrations but also includes information on those from other religions that are celebrated throughout the Wheel of the Year - it will be interesting to compare the differences/similarities between them. :0)

The Dream book is a more comprehensive one than the book I already have, as it covers the spiritual, as well as the emotional and every day, interpretation of dream symbology. I got the Rune book out of interest: I'm interested in and drawn to Runes but don't have a set (at the moment), although I do have three Tarot decks and a beautiful set of Angel cards. Thought I would read up about them first. I also bought two books about Churchill for DH, making six books in all, and the total was still just under £20 - that's what I call a bargain! After stash buying books are my next weakness/indulgence. ;0)

I looked round Whittard's but I couldn't decide on which coffee to buy, so didn't bother. Next was Julian Graves for some Tyrrel's Veg crisps and some herbal capsules. Then on to Camille's for some new underwear and nighties. That completed the haul so we popped to say goodbye to my DSis before heading home.

The day didn't end there though: we stopped off at one of the local pub restaurants on the outskirts of our town for a meal. I think DH decided I needed a bit more cheering up. :0) I must say the chicken and bacon salad I had was rather nice - though it would have been far tastier if they'd remembered to add the French Dressing it was supposed to have. Never mind: a sachet or two of mayonnaise remedied that. LOL

All in all it was a "funny" old day - bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride in some ways but it certainly ended on a positive note. I know Mum (and Dad) would have approved - they used to enjoy shopping trips and meals out. :0)

Many thanks for the kind comments, they're greatly appreciated. Hope you are all having a very good weekend. :0)


Little Cat said...

Sea stars is looking lovely Karan.

Sounds like you had a fairly emotional day too. That book haul looks intruiging.

Julie said...

How lovely for you to experience the dragonfly, i bet it was very magical. ((big hug))
SS looks nice, i'm sorry the 'little green one' came for a visit. Nice haul of books.

Clare - Aimetu said...

It sounds like a fab day to me - one to remember too.