Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Flowers, Another Award and an Owl.

Would you believe it, with all the holiday unpacking/jobs and the excitement of starting Sea Stars and finishing Guen I totally forgot to post the flowers that Lynn gave me and the award from Miss 376 I received whilst away. So sorry for the delay.

The virtual flowers are so pretty:

Thank you so much for giving them to me Lynn, they and the sentiment behind them mean a very great deal to me (((((hugs))))). It's always a pleasure to visit your blog to read your news and see your stitching. :0)

The award from Miss376 is a thank you for visiting and commenting on her blog:

I'm amazed at getting an award for doing something that gives me such pleasure anyway. I love to see all of your varied crafts and will admit that I envy your wide needlework skills. Thank you.

I am going to hand the award on to all the people who take the time to comment when they visit my blog. I do appreciate all visitors taking the time out from their busy days to come and visit but extra thanks have to go to those who also go to the trouble of writing a comment....... it lets me know that I'm not just wasting time, waffling away to myself, and that others are interested in the crafts I love and wish to share. So a big thank you to you all - consider yourselves duly awarded. :0)

Last night, knowing that I wouldn't sleep that well with DH being away, I settled in front of the TV for the night with Night Watchman. With several good documentaries on and a new programme called Lost In Austen (that's Jane Austen, author, and not a city in the USA) there was enough of interest to keep me glued for some time and NW really has benefited from it. Here's an update pic of where I left off at around 3am this morning:

Yes, 3am! I also found an awful lot of rubbish to have on in the background after Lost In Austen finished, keeping going until I'd reached that brain numbed state where I knew there wouldn't be a problem with dropping off to sleep. OK, so today I feel much like the zombies in the Resident Evil rip-off film that was on Zone Horror in the early hours (not scarey - just carp!) but it sure beat laying in bed for hours, hearing every noise in the neighbourhood, and constantly getting up to check that it wasn't some scumbag breaking in to the cars/caravan/house. I fell asleep about five minutes after getting into bed and only woke up a couple of times through the night, going back to sleep more or less straight away each time. Result!

Tonight it's the second outing for the Sea Stars SAL. DS has another rehearsal so the plan is to have tea then, when he's gone out, settle in with more documentaries and stitch on SS. I doubt I'll be pulling another 3am finish though!

The first part of the Friends Count JA SAL arrived in my inbox today and the winning Challenge piece for September has been announced, so there would be plenty more to get on with on Friday if I had a printer that worked! I am going to have to forward the email and the link to DS so he can print out the charts for me, as DH has the memory stick (the easier transferral method) with him in Italy at the moment. Typical! Didn't he know I would need it? ;0) LOL

As for DH: he is busy, over in Italy, with lots of meetings on various technical bits to do with the equipment etc that the company out there is supplying to the steelworks. He sends me a text at dinnertime and phones in the evening. Today's text tells me that the weather out there is warm and mostly sunny and they're walking round with rolled up shirt sleeves. Go on, rub it in, texts I, as I'm shivering in decidedly autumnal colder weather and currently looking out at yet another downpour. Fat chance for getting those cyclamens in the pots, so it looks like you're right Christine.

Well I've since had my tea, DS has disappeared for the night and SS is calling loudly so I am off to get some stitching done.

Thank you, once again, for taking the time to visit - hope you are all managing to stay warm, wherever you are. :0)


Anonymous said...

I watched Lost in Austen,I was pleasantly surprised I liked it.
I hate it when my DH goes to Italy,last time he said he would take some pics of Milan for me and I got a lot of blurred pics but the only decent pics were of the Ferrari shop...Typical!

Anonymous said...

Awww, fancy staying up til 3am. You should try earplugs then you can't hear any other noises ;o) I always listen to a good book on my ipod if I'm alone in the house (after checking and rechecking and rechecking again that everything is locked up). I get into the book and end up asleep :o)

Redwitch said...

Congrats on your flowers and award :)

I enjoyed Lost in Austen too, although I didn't stay up 'til 3am afterwards!

Looks like you got loads done and Guen finished up lovely :)

Julie said...

Nightwatchman looks great. We've had heavy rain all day, and now the road is flooded, hope it stops soon or i might need a boat!!

Christine said...

Just call me "Weathergirl" ;D
I enjoyed Lost in Austen too, though I'm forced to agree with the main character when she said "He's not Colin Firth"!

Sally said...

Night Watchman is looking good Karan. There looks to be lots of colour changes in there. Don't think I'd have stayed up til 3am though!

Stitchingranny said...

Nightwatchman is taking shape now Karan I can see ghostly shape peeping out now. You have been so good tackling all that background first.