Saturday, 13 September 2008

A Little Something About The Weekend.

We were out in the garden on Saturday, thanks to one of those lovely late summer/early autumn days of sunshine - not been much of that sunshine around this year, so we made the most of it to get some outside jobs done and also sit and enjoy it all. There were lots of birds and butterflies fluttering around though we didn't see the dragonflies this time. Thought I would share some pics and let you see what certain bits look like now. Here's the door to the Secret Garden again:

Helen: we didn't cut it back after the last pic to show you what happens when the ivy is allowed to do it's own thing. We won't be able to get in there soon, so it's going to have to have a trim. :0)

The triffids have decided they are on a mission to take over the bottom end of the garden - before going on to take over the world! LOL They've had a second flowering:

Think the Green Man has just about disappeared now. This is a view of the large daisy type flowers DH's Dad gave us quite a few years ago:

They flower every August and also seem to want to take over the garden. The little pile of dead wood at the front there is for the frogs to hide under, although I'm not sure if they actually use it. The butterflies and bees love those purple flowers on the bush next to the daisies - it's another one that has to be thrashed back hard every year or it takes over and also decides it wants to be a tree rather than a bush.

Saturday evening I finally got round to starting the Jayne's Attic Good Friends Count SAL. Parts 1 and 2 were waiting to be done, so I stitched them whilst watching the first LOTR film on TV. Here's what it looks like so far:

It's on 28ct Chocolate Crush, hand dyed by Jayne, and the threads are: Dinky Dyes silk Ironbark and Finca Perle #8 shade 4000. The piece is one of Jayne's own designs, the second she has released via her Stitch & Stashers Forum, and is just as much of a pleasure to stitch as the Memories piece was. Am looking forward to Part 3 coming out. :0)

On Sunday we had a trip over to my DSis's. We had a meal at hers and DH watched the Grand Prix. Later he took down the old light in the front bedroom and put up the new one for her. He's quite taken with the lights she's bought and has suggested we get one for our living room, as the current bulb and shade makes the room look quite dingy. Not one to stop him willingly spending money on home improvements I've told him to go for it. ;0) Her re-decorated front bedroom looks lovely so far - the wallpaper looks and feels like she has a fabric on the walls. I had hoped that would also have DH wanting to dip his hands in his pocket for wallpaper for our bedroom but he wasn't feeling that enthusiastic. LMAO.

Oh, and here's a pic of something that arrived last week and I forgot to share - the Halloween issue of the JCS magazine:

Of those on the front, the top two and left middle one are definite must-stitches and the right middle one is a maybe and inside are a few more must stitches too. I do love this end of the year and it's celebrations. :0)

Well I've got all my jobs done and Alex is due any minute so I'd better go and put the kettle on.

Thank you to one and all for taking the time to visit. Hope you've all had a good weekend and an easy start to the week. :0)


Clare - Aimetu said...

Oh what a lovely garden, that yellow is so bright.

Your SAL is coming along, looking forward to seeing it grow.

Julie said...

Beautiful garden pics, we had sunshine too and DH was outside doing the 'green fingered' bit.

SAL looks nice, roll on
Part 3.

I got the Halloween issue too, and i've stitched one of the designs, a no show yet as its for an exchange though!

Christine said...

Your garden is looking lovely Karan, mine has been munched to nothingness by giant slugs!
It was nice to see a bit of sunshine at the weekend.

Sally said...

Your garden is lovely Karan. I'd gladly spend some time there:)

The start of the Good Friends SAL is looking gorgeous. I do love the fabric and threads.

Sea Stars is alo looking gorgeous.

Miss 376 said...

Ooh. I like the colours on the SAL, really warm

Angela said...

The JA SAL looks great, I really must start mine. I shall make it this weekends stitch I think.

I wish my garden looked as good as yours.

Elisa said...

GFC SAL is looking great :)

You have a very prtty garden, Love the "secret garden" door.

Anonymous said...

love you garden, i'm really envious, ours are pebbled and slabbed- so boring
Love the good friends sal the colous are nice.