Thursday, 18 September 2008

Here We Are Again.....

Yet another day has been and gone and what did I do with it? Well, apart from the house jobs, things finally came together and I managed to make that birthday card for FIL. Here's the outcome:

Unfortunately I still haven't quite tamed the new scanner, so it's chopped off the top and bottom chalked edges of the card and I was feeling too idle to go back and do it again. This will be off in the post to FIL last thing tonight, so it gets there in plenty of time.

I also did the gluing on the plastic canvas Santa ornie but I'm going to be a bit of a tease and leave the pic until another time. Got to leave myself something else to blog about this weekend as I will have to keep myself busy - DH has told me he's got to work most of it, thanks to one of the Italians having a major league spat today. Thank you Mr Italian for ruining our weekend plans........ hope that's made you feel much better now. :0(

Last nights Sea Stars SAL was frog plagued once again resulting in a frogging and re-stitching of all of the right hand side of the larger motif I've just started (one flippin' stitch out again, despite counting several times!). So wish those pesky little blighters would hurry up and go into hibernation for the winter! LOL Managed to do a reasonable amount, despite that, so here we are again with another update:

I completed the second small motif from last week then stitched the little fish in Carrie's Wildfire (still making my mind up about this - wanted a wild card for the fish but not sure if it's too wild), the small motif below that in Tropical Water and the part stitched larger motif is in Denim. The pic has come out a bit dark due to having to take it tonight in artificial light. I was going to take it in the lovely sunshine we had today but I missed most of it, thanks to having to take pain killers and go back to bed. Thankfully the pain killers and extra sleep did the business and I feel a bit more normal now........ well, as normal as I can pass for these days. LMAO

It's been a two pinkies end to this week. Yesterday's arrival contained the next part of the Ozark Mystery SAL and today's was this month's COM fabric from Jayne's own dye pots - a lovely colour called Aster. I can see this one with a sweet fairy ballerina stitched on it for my niece Erin - just need to find the ideal chart now. Then the third part of the Good Friends Count SAL was in my inbox first thing this morning, so that's been printed out all ready to go. Great timing: between the Ozark SAL, the GFC SAL and with the finishing for the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge piece still to do there's certainly plenty to keep me busy while DH is working.

Thank you for all the kind comments on Mother Earth - they are very much appreciated and they certainly help to keep me motivated. Definitely needed on such a looooong term project! LOL Do you realise that I also have at least another five large HAED charts waiting in my stash? *Groan* what was I thinking? ;0)

DS has disappeared out to a rehearsal and DH is off to see a friend at 9pm, so the TV remote will be all mine from then - hope there's something on worth watching! I'm off to go choose something to stitch. :0)

Thank you for visiting. I wish you all a happy and fun-filled weekend. :0)


Julie said...

FIL's card is lovely.

SS is looking good too, i lot of ladies who stitch this seem to frog it, i wonder if its something to do with water/frog??? LOL

Enjoy your weekend, its supposed to be a nice sunny one.

Karen said...

Your SS is coming along well , I had to put mine away for a bit cause Mr Frog wanted to play way too much for my liking lol, great card for your FIL .
DH's boss tries to get him to work weekends usually on the odd weekend we actually have something planned

Hazel said...

Sea Stars is looking good. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes you just need to take a break form it for a bit. I have a few haeds in my stash too in part a lovely 66 page one by Josephine Wall!!! errrr Hello!!!! I don't even think I'll start that one although I do love it. x