Friday, 26 September 2008

Are You Bored Yet?

With all these Sea Stars updates? If not, then you probably will be by the time this SAL is finished. LOL Here's my Week 5 progress:

Yes, I've reached the octopus. Yay! The motif in Denim was completed (quite a nice one to stitch) a second fish has joined its mate and a start made on the octopus, which is in Carrie's Pacific Blue, and the ship's wheel, in Rosewood. The stitching went a bit better this week: I decided the needle was getting a bit old, so swapped it for a new Jonathan James size 26 petite and the thread seemed to twist and knot much less than before. Perhaps I don't twist the smaller needle so much?

As for my other pieces:
  • I did a little more stitching on the second Halloween ornie yesterday afternoon but there's still more to be done. I shan't bother posting a pic until it's completed though.
  • There's been an answer to the Ozark query, so I can go ahead and stitch the second motif now - probably tonight's project. Will post a pic when it's done.
  • The next part of the Good Friends Count SAL has been received, so that'll be one for this weekend.
  • I haven't done the finishing on the first Halloween ornie yet but hope to get to it some time over the weekend. I may go shopping for some ribbons and bits for it tomorrow.

As for other things: rehearsals for Henry V have been coming thick and fast for DS. He's also had a final costume fitting and photo call for the programme this week. It's Get In at the theatre this weekend, Technical run through Monday night, a full Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday and the performances start Wednesday night through to Saturday night, then Get Out on Sunday. It's going to be a hectic week - just call this place The Mad House. LOL

DH had the results back from his second set of diabetic blood tests today: his blood sugar levels have lowered but still not enough, so he's been put on a second lot of tablets to take. We didn't quite expect that. Hopefully the extra meds will sort his levels out and he will be back on an even keel again soon. I'll have to make sure he's not sneaking any more cake or scones into his diet for a while!

We haven't got any set plans for this weekend, as such - to be honest, I was half expecting him to have to work again, so deliberately didn't make any plans - apart from needing to get some gardening jobs done (weather permitting) and to go shopping for a new iron. We've only had this one around two years and the flippin' cable is fraying badly. At the risk of sounding like an old fogey: they really don't make things like they used to! Oh, and we'll probably be popping to the local sewing shop, or The Range, for finishing bits for the ornies. Whatever we do it will have to adjust to fit round the Grand Prix qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday or he'll not be happy! I don't mind - I can get some stitching or finishing done while he's watching them. :0)

Many thanks for the kind comments regarding the For Amanda piece. I've got my head round it now and hope to tackle the rest of the cutting and stitching next week. The Copper Beech design - which I started ages ago - from Alchemy Stitchcraft has some nice infills on it (which is what gave me the idea) so I shall use one of those on FA. Hope you don't mind Christine. :0)

Well, the Ozark piece is calling me, so I am off to see if I can get it started and finished tonight.

Many thanks to all for visiting - have a great weekend, whatever you do. :0)


Karen said...

sea stars is looking great , I am on my second iron this year, I found they don't bounce well when dropped but they do iron the carpet well. Hope you get a nice weekend to potter round your garden , you could always come and do my garden if you like, I make a good cup of tea or coffee

Julie said...

SS looks wonderful, you are progressing nicely.
Enjoy your weekend, we'll be watching the GP too LOL

Elisa said...

SS is looking fab and I never get bored of seeing other stitcher's progress.
Wow great times for your DS with his "treading the boards"
Hope DH's testes are ok...I am on medication for my diabetes...Metformin, they are helping my bllod sugars, if he gets prescribes the same, finger's croosed they will do the trick for him too.
Have a great weekend

Lelia said...

Hi - that over-one stitching is really tough for me, too. I set a timer & only do it one hour. Then I quit & pick it up another day. It has helped me.

I think everybody has or should have a Basket of NAY -- and, go ahead and use the idea. I'm happy for anybody who pulls out these fantastic older projects and finds the mojo to complete them : )

I am stitching a pin cube kit - and have a mary garry sampler pulled out called Blessed are the Peacemakers. And, have a waxing moon sampler - 3 little kittens. So, my next three are from the Basket of NAY : )

Stitch well - enjoy the weekend

Christine said...

Not at all bored with Sea Stars yet, it looks great!
Lovely weather again this weekend so I hope you manage get your gardening done round the Grand Prix.
I'm glad you found Copper Beech inspirational enough to want to use the fillings in another piece