Thursday, 11 September 2008

Cardmaking and Mother Earth

Many thanks for all the recent well wishes - after another nights' sleep I was more or less OK and the cold feelings and cold sore had virtually disappeared. Yay! I just haven't been around much this week as things got a bit busy here.

Sunday DH and I went out to Brigg Garden Centre for dinner. We had a look round at the trees etc afterwards....... we didn't come away with a tree or any plants but I did get a few other goodies: a pack of 50 pastel coloured pearlescent cards plus various embellishments and a couple of papers from the reduced box. I love a bargain! As it was a nice day and we hadn't been there for a while we had a trip out to Humberside Airport so DH could do a little plane spotting. I had pre-planned (I'm not daft!): I took my book and the JA/S&S September Challenge piece with me. DH enjoyed watching the planes and helicopters, plus catching a few rays, while I got a reasonable amount of guilt-free stitching done. I carried on with it after tea that night too.

Monday was my usual busy day doing jobs before Alex's visit for a coffee and a natter. After tea I managed to complete the Challenge piece stitching. Result! I was annoyed with myself for not stitching last months piece through letting time get away from me (especially as I voted for it), so was determined not to let the same happen this time round. I have an idea for finishing this but haven't had chance to make a start yet. Sorry - no pics until after Reveal Day. ;0)

Tuesday wasn't a good day: had a niggling in my back and head as soon as I got up but had hoped it would wear off. After dinner it soon became obvious that my head was feeling a whole lot worse and, although it wasn't full on flashing lights, there was some visual disturbance there: a migraine, the first one in quite a while. After taking some tablets and texting DH and DS to let them know not to phone or knock at the door and please be quiet when they came home I went back to bed. DS must have taken it to heart: I vaguely heard him let himself in but never heard him get ready or go out again. I woke up just before 6pm feeling much better and even managed some UFO Night stitching after tea - not happy with the amount of progress made I didn't post a pic as I'd decided to stitch more on Wednesday.

Wednesday I felt bright as a button and got up as DH left for work and got on with laundry, other house jobs and even had an hour in the garden, trimming all the dead stuff. By the afternoon, happy with the satisfaction of being a virtuous housewife (it doesn't happen often so I like to make the most of it LOL), I felt I'd earned a craft break :0)

First off was some card making. DS attended an evening wedding "do" on Saturday and I ended up having to do a rush job on a card for him - so rushed I didn't have time to take a pic or scan it for my album. I don't fancy another rush like that so made another so there's one in hand for next time:

Friday would have been my Mum's birthday so I made a tag to put beside her name plaque at Rosehill along with some flowers:

Next up was a birthday card for my Uncle (Mum's brother). He's a retired Merchany Navy Chief Engineer so the ship theme is spot on, especially as he and Aunty have been on a few holiday cruises too:

Sorry for the blurry scans - I'm still getting used to the new printer/scanner set up. Printing I've got cracked but the new scanning set-up is taking a bit of getting used to. Yes, DH came home with it last Saturday and he came home a lot happier than he went out......... mainly because it didn't cost him as much as he thought it was going to......... not that I'm saying he's tight or anything. ;0) LMAO

After tea I carried on with Mother Earth and felt much happier with the progress after a second stitching session - am sure fellow HAED stitchers will know what I mean when I say it doesn't seem to grow much. I'd last touched Her back in December 2007 - this is where I'd left off then:

This is how She looks now:

Glad to have got the trees bit done on the left as it means that next time around I'll be stitching Mother Earths' face and body....... much more interesting and the lighter colours will make a nice change. :0) Still not sure if this piece will be a regular UFO Night stitch though - I may just pinch Miss376's idea of stitching one thread length a day on this and choose something else for next Tuesday night.

I've also finally managed to catch up with all blog reading and commenting, something I'd been struggling to do since getting home from our holiday. It's been fascinating to see how many folks have said they weren't going to, have now caved and are signing up for the Me, Myself and I NRR and what plans they have for their neighbourhoods. LOL I like the idea and have bookmarked the blog, so I can watch everyone's pieces develop when it starts. I don't have any plans to sign up - it's not as if I haven't got plenty to keep me going already, is it? Except last night I did find myself wondering what a Blackwork neighbourhood would look like...... Get thee behind me! LOL

Tonight is Sea Stars SAL night so I'd best be off and get that motif finished and see how far I can get with another one. I did think about not stitching it this week as Barb (no blog) is away on her holiday but it's shouting too loudly......

Thank you for taking the time to visit and for the kind comments, they really are appreciated. :0)


Mylene said...

Hi Karan, good to hear you are feeling much better now.

Lovely cards you made recently, well done! And very good progress on Mother Earth.

Julie said...

Lovely progress on Mother Earth. Super cards, why is it kids leave everything till the last minute and hope that mum will bail them out, its the same here!

Stitchingranny said...

Wow Karan I do like the idea of a blackwork neighbourhood. Yes we all have more to do than we will ever cope with but what fun to join what must now be the biggest online SAL ever. Also no stitching before the end of the year - only planning so you have loads of time - go on you know you want to lol.

Good progress on the UFO but I do like the idea of one thread a day after the holiday i may try that as at least that way something would be getting done.

Sally said...

You have been very busy Karan. The cards are beautiful. You have a real eye for cardmaking.

Nice progress on Mother Earth. I really should get my HAED BAP back out but I kind of lost interest!

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope you don't get anymore migraines for a long time.

Christine said...

You sound like you've had a busy week. Great progress on mother earth, and well done on finishing the monthly challenge. I'm really looking forward to reveal day on this one as its a lovely piece

Karen said...

great photos Karan looks like you have been very busy
seems last week was migraine week lol I had 2 and for the first time every they actually made me feel queasy , glad you are fully recovered