Monday, 30 March 2009

Monthly Christmas Ornie SAL - March

I finally got around to completing the finishing on my Christmas ornie for the March SAL, over at JA/S&S Forum so I can finally show you what I stitched:

Design: Reindeer, internet freebie
Designer: Sharon Bennett, Daffycat Designs
Fabric: Polstitches 28ct evenweave, Mummies Curse
Thread: Carrie's Creation Sneezy, Ltd Ed from Jayne's Attic Christmas Panto Pack 2008.
Finish: Oval pinkeep style ornie.

A very quick and easy design to stitch - one I fell in love with when I spotted someone else's finish over at the Freebie Gallery blog, so it went straight to the top of my Must Stitch pile. A big thank you to Sharon for this lovely freebie. :0)

Here's another pic, this time with the backing fabric used:

The metal tree I put up at Yule and decorate with only hand made ornies is going to be much fuller this year. :0)

The finishing on the scissor case for Challenge for a Finish didn't happen yesterday as I couldn't find any instructions for the style of finish I wanted to do - I prefer the reassurance of looking at step-by-step pics before trying out something new. I've slightly altered my plan now, have chosen the fabric to go with and hope to get it done today, so please wish me Luck with it! ;0)

The Challenges for April are out. On JA/S&S Forum the choice is any design by A Mon Ami Pierre: my choice has been made, with chart printed out ready to go - just need to choose fabric and threads. On Challenge for a Finish: a flower design to be finished as any needlework small (needlecase, scissor keep, fob... whatever) - no ideas yet, so an internet trawl for inspiration and a chart is imminent. Not a bad way of spending an hour..... or two. LOL

On Sunday DS disappeared off swimming first thing and we didn't see him again until tea time. DH and I opted to stay home as DH needed to spend some time checking the brakes on DS's Mini and doing a few maintenance jobs......... and wanted to watch the first Grand Prix of the season. Great excuse for me to potter around, blogging and ornie finishing and generally chillin' so I didn't object. :0)

Today has been my usual jobs day but Alex isn't coming round later as she's off ill. DS is also home on a sickie, so I have company of a sort - it's not the dreaded man flu, I'm glad to say, but he's definitely not feeling great. So wish his viewing taste was more in line with mine though - there are way too many sitcoms on for me to take in one day, especially when they are repeats of repeats! Didn't help my tuna salad go down well at all! LOL

Right, I'm off to do that internet trawling, the finishing and hopefully some blog reading later on to find out what you've all been up to this weekend.

Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments. Hope you've all had a good start to the week. :0)


Karen said...

great finish looking forward to seeing your scissor case

Angela said...

Lovely ornie. Like you I fell in love with that design when I first saw it and have it stored for one day.

Julie said...

A gorgeous finish Karan, i have this one saved too.

I'm looking forward to seeing your scissor pocket.

Hope DS feels better soon.

Mylene said...

Cute ornament finish, Karan.

Hope DS get to feel better very soon.

Daffycat said...

Beautiful stitching and gorgeous finishing! I love it!

Many thanks for stitching my design ~ I'm just tickled silly!

Christine said...

I love that reindeer, he's got a whole retro/babycham thing going on.
Hope DS feels better soon

Sally said...

Love your ornament Karan! It's so sweet and so nicely finished off.

Barb said...

Hi Karan Love your scissor pocket and so pleased to see your little fob in use lol.
Hugs Barb