Thursday, 5 March 2009

A Catch Up

Things have got away from me a little this week, due to one thing and another, so thought it was time for a bit of a catch up post.

I got around to ordering the fabric I needed for the silver wedding anniversary piece I want to stitch, from Sew & So, and decided to go with the recommendation from Christine:

The vintage peach on the left is for the anniversary piece - many thanks for suggesting this Christine, as you made me think outside of the box and go for a colour I wouldn't have thought of. :0) As you can see a couple of other fabrics fell into my basket at the same time. ;0) Thought it was about time to try some 36ct stitching and got the Sand fabric in the middle for that and I've been looking for a piece of blue fabric for a specific project for some time and the Vintage one is spot on. Service from Sew & So was, as usual, prompt and efficient - ordered it one day and it was here the next. :0)

Last weekend DH and I were out and about a fair bit: shopping first at Uncle Henry's for some meat and other items. Next we stopped off at Morrison's supermarket, did a small amount of food shopping, bought a saucepan (to replace one I killed last week when I forgot I'd put a pan of cooking apples on to stew - oops! The darned stuff won't come off no matter how much elbow grease is applied!). We also picked up what we'd specifically gone there for:

Looks a bit like something out of War of the Worlds, doesn't it? LOL I've wanted one of these lap desk arrangements for ages but had only seen them in craft catalogues before at between £30 to £40 a time and hadn't been willing to pay that amount of money. Morrison's has these in for just £10 each - couldn't believe it when I saw them in the leaflet and when I showed DH he made sure we called in to get one. Well, actually, we bought two - he was so impressed with them he decided it was a good idea to get one for himself too. Not only is it very useful........ it also keeps your lap nice and warm too! :0) After Morrison's we then went on to the Pink Pig for a drink (camomile tea for me and tea for him) and to get a few more food items we needed, then home to put everything away. DS had been to Brigg Farmers Market that morning so the fridge and freezer are now well stocked for the month.

Sunday DS was out for much of the day, part of it being spent at the LTC Guild Room at a reading: this is to narrow down which production/s they want to put on after Carpe Jugulum. DH went off to help out at a Get In at the theatre for a local amateur operatic group - they are doing Carousel and he was curious as to how they were staging it. I had a quiet day at home - much needed after Saturday's busyness - and did some reading, spent some time on the computer and did some stitching.

Monday was my usual busy jobs day with a visit from Alex later on. The evenings have had DS out, mostly at rehearsals for Carpe, and DH had a couple of Governor's meetings too....... so I've been in charge of the TV remote a little more than usual and have managed a reasonable amount of stitchy time. Some of that stitchy time was spent on Night Watchman so I'd best show you those promised updates, hadn't I? This first one is of the progress made for last weeks UFO Night and an extra few hours thrown in:

Just to show Julie and Mr Stick that, although I forgot to post a pic on the forum, I did actually take part. :0)

In between I also stitched on Sea Stars (will show updates after tonights stitching) and completed a small item..... but I can't show you that yet as it's got to go off to a new home first. I've got as far as printing out the charts for the pieces I'm stitching for the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge and Monthly Christmas Ornie SAL and for Challenge for a Finish scissor case, though haven't started any of them yet. Many thanks for the suggestions for the scissor case, girls - much appreciated. I won't be telling which design I chose though, as it'll spoil the surprise, so you'll have to be patient and wait for Reveal Day. LOL This week I also finished the book Atlantis by David Gibbins - more info about that in the side bar and over at The Reading Corner blog, if you're interested. I started reading another Barbara Erskine last night, Whispers in the Sand, and it's proving to be another good read.

Night Watchman also came out for more attention this week and, once again, I stitched on him Wednesday night as well as on UFO Night and this is where he's at now:

Although I'm really enjoying stitching on him he's going to have to go away now until next Tuesday, as I really need to get on with Sea Stars tonight, then make a start on the smalls stitching for the Challenges. That's providing my head can cope as I'm still getting over a migraine that began early this afternoon - one of those horrible full on visual disturbance jobs that made me feel like I was going blind. I haven't had one of those in years so am not a happy bunny, as I thought they'd gone for good - am now left wondering what on earth happened to cause it, so I can avoid it in future, but haven't really got a clue. Thankfully taking a couple of Ibuprofen and laying on my bed in a darkened bedroom relieved the visual disturbances within a couple of hours but have been left with a somewhat fragile brain - no loud noises allowed! LOL

Well if I'm going to make any kind of an attempt at stitching on Sea Stars I'd best go and get on with it.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and for all your kind comments. Hope you're all staying warm and cosy in the current cold snap. :0)


jane said...

that's a handy thing - I wonder if I can get one in the Morrison's here?
Hope the migraine is gone now - they are horrid aren't they

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

YOur stitcheries are so pretty. I so appreciate the time it takes to do them. Such detail.

Miss 376 said...

I hope the head clears enough to get some stitching done. It doesn't sound as if you need much help adding to your list of things to do, I think it must be an occupational hazard! Night watchman looks fantastic, he has come on so well. Can't wait to see him finished

Christine said...

Full of ideas me ;) I love those vintage Zweigart colours. They were showing some new (solid) colours at the trade show, which included a stunning deep raspberry shade. Hope Sew and So pick that one up.
Great progress on Nightwatchman, he'll be finished soon at this rate

Sally said...

Some nice fabric there Karan. I like 36 count and surprisingly I find it quite easy to stitch on!

Nightwatchman is looking so fab!

Hope your migraine is totally clear now and you don't get another one.

Thank you for my award:) It's coming right back at you from my blog!

brokenfairy said...

Lovely Fabric!!
I have a lap tray that I added a magnet to for keep any needles or scissor secure, I have seen them ones for sale at £49.99 so £10 sounds a great buy to me.
NW is looking great soon be a happy dance at the rate you are going!
I am reading Whispers in the sand as well,You'll soon whizz through the book!
Hope the migraine was just a one off!

Michelle. said...

I need one of those lap thingies, too.

Julie said...

NW is looking wonderful. Nice fabby. Hope you are fully recovered from the migraine.
Enjoy your latest BE book!

Lynn said...

lovely fabby there Karan!

I'm enjoying watching Night watchman coming along, I love owls lol

Karen said...

nightwatchman is looking great , I love the fabrics
I need to do some reading I don't think I have hardly touched a book so far this year lol

Mylene said...

It seems you are nearing its end for Night Watchman.
Hope your migraine is gone by now.