Saturday, 7 March 2009

Heart Stitcher

Remember I mentioned finishing a small item but couldn't show it because it was on it's way to a new home? Well it's now arrived safely with Barb (no blog) so I can show you what it was.

Design: Heart Stitcher

Designer: A Mon Ami Pierre, internet freebie

Fabric: Zweigart 32ct Murano, Ivory

Thread: DMC 816

Finish: Floss ring tag

This piece was, initially, going to be the heart-shaped finish for February's Challenge for a Finish but soon realised it was too small and fiddly for me to be able to complete it as that. Once I'd chosen the new piece for the Challenge it was a case of knowing exactly what I was going to do with this and where it would be going off to live. :0)

Here's a view of the back, which has our initials and the year.

Am glad to say that Barb likes it and the Ozark threads I put on it, which she hasn't tried before........ well you can't send an empty floss ring tag, can you? It just doesn't seem right somehow. :0)

The Crop-A-Dile certainly makes short work of adding those eyelets and is the best piece of kit ever! LOL Though I've still not gotten around to using it in my cardmaking..... yet.

Thank you for all the well wishes and I'm pleased to say that the after effects of the migraine were short-lived - now my fingers are crossed it was just a one-off as I really don't want to go back to how things were when I was in my teens and twenties, when I used to have one or two a month. Not nice!

Good job I had recovered OK as the three of us went over to Doncaster on Friday night to celebrate my Auntie M and Uncle W's Golden Wedding Anniversary - there was a disco and karaoke, complete with flashing coloured lights. Auntie M didn't know Uncle and their sons had arranged the party and they just told her to get herself dressed up and they'd take her out for a meal, giving her an excuse for calling in at the Welfare Club on their way.... where we were all waiting to greet them. It was a good night (despite my restriction to plain water all night) and it was lovely to catch up with quite a few of the seldom-seen relatives, as well as meet some of the newer members of the family (my eldest cousin's grandchildren, the latest being little Curtis Jack who is around six months old and was blissfully unaware of the party going on around him, as he slept virtually all the way through it. Bless!). Thought I'd share a pic of the lovely cake that the cousins had had made for the occasion:

Unfortunately I couldn't have any but DH and DS made short work of theirs, so I guess it must have been good. :0)

Saturday we had a late start but I still got out of bed feeling like an old cronk - anyone would have thought I'd been up doing the cancan at the party! LOL The aches soon wore off as I got moving around so DH and I popped into town to the health food shop to stock up on my cereals and get some more camomile tea. Whilst in town we popped into TJ Hughes - we didn't stay in there long, as DH didn't find any trousers suitable for work and I didn't spot any jeans...... or a changing room to try anything on. Do they have them in there? I need smaller clothes now, especially trousers and jeans, but don't know what size I'm down to so I wasn't going to buy anything I hadn't tried on first. Yes - I can actually start to shop in regular clothes shops again. Yay! Never mind, there's always another day. We stayed in last night, so I started - and finished - the stitching on the March Ornie for the JA/S&S Monthly Christmas Ornie SAL....... told you it was a quickie. :0)

Today (Sunday) DS went off early, to go swimming, and DH and I had a trip out again, once it had stopped snowing. Yes, that's right: snow..... again! It settled initially but as soon as it stopped the temperature went up a little and the bulk of it melted, leaving everywhere waterlogged. I went from wanting to go out, to wanting to hibernate with my stitching and then back to being happy to go out again, all within the hour or so it snowed. First port of call on our delayed trip out was The Range: they didn't have the cereal bowls I wanted (am I the only one who doesn't like square bowls or ones that remind me of dog dishes??? LOL) but I did come away with some smaller circular templates I've wanted for ages (they're X-cut and the cutter and larger templates I have are Fiskars but reckon they should work together OK) - they'll make small circular ornies and pinkeeps much easier to do. I also came away with: foam dots (for 3-D cards); a pack of PaperMania flowers in yellow (for Spring/Easter cards); a pack of beads (for the Christmas ornie finish); cool melt glue sticks and a storage box (in the interests of organisation!). Into Poundstretcher next for some Lock'n'Lock boxes for the cereals (Spring really must be in the air, with me this interested in getting organised! LOL). One quick call into Tesco Express later and we then went home. It's amazing how fast the day goes when you're pottering around like that.

I'm not in a finishing mood tonight so won't be tackling the ornie........ I guess I'd best pick out some fabric and thread for one of the other Challenges...... or maybe do a little more on Sea Stars.

Thank you all for visiting and for the kind comments - hope you're all enjoying the end of a great weekend. :0)


brokenfairy said...

Beautiful Gift you made Barb!!

Lynn said...

Lovely floss tag Karan, I've yet to make one of these.

Glad you enjoyed the family party, even if you missed out on that gorgeous looking cake and were on water all night!:)

Daffycat said...

Very sweet floss tag, I'm sure your friend Barb will treasure it!

I agree the Crop-A-Dile tool is wonderful!

jane said...

Love the floss ring - I must have a try at one of those!
That cake looks gorgeous - the party sounds great !

Christine said...

Love the little floss tag, that crop o dile is turning out to be worth its weight in gold!

The family party sound like fun, that cake is magnificent

Sally said...

I love the floss ring tag you made for Barb. It's so pretty. Those crop-o-diles are brilliant aren't they!

That cake looks beautiful. Glad you all had a good time.

Redwitch said...

Great floss ring tag! I haven't tried to make one of them yet but I've eyed the crop o dile things a few times in Hobby Craft, it'll be all your fault if I buy it! LOL ;)

Julie said...

A lovely floss tag.

DS came home from Maplins ( electrical store do you have one?) with a crop-o-dile, cost him £3.99 but its called something manish, cant remember what LOL

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Lucky lady who received the gift. Lovely work.

Cheryl said...

That floss ring tag is just gorgeous! I love the design and your finishing looks perfect

Angela said...

Th floss tag os deliughtful.

What a gorgeous cake, it looked too good to eat.