Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Just Realised.......

that I haven't posted an update pic of Sea Stars in a while. The original plan was to show you progress for Weeks 21 and 22 in the same post but Week 22 didn't go that great, meaning there was such a minimal amount of stitching done it just wasn't worth getting the digicam out to do an update pic of it. So here's the progress from Week 21, the week before last:

That was after the frog visit which had me taking out all of the right side of the motif and re-stitching it, thanks to being just one stitch out. Think I'm going to have to hire the Phantom Frog Strangler to sort out the pesky little blighter before I pick it up this week!

Other stitching: March's Christmas ornie is stitched but not yet finished - waiting for inspiration to strike but it's taking it's own sweet time about it. LOL I chose the fabric and thread for the JA/S&S Forum's Monthly Challenge and made a start on it on Monday and did a little more yesterday afternoon whilst watching Dawn Bibby's two-hour slot on QVC. No buying, as nothing took my fancy - I was mainly looking for inspiration for two cards DS has asked me to make for the 21st and 25th birthday's of two female friends of his from LTC. Night Watchman got another outing for UFO Night last night but no pic yet, as I want to do a little more on him today.

Yesterday got off to a good start when some of my order from Thread Bear arrived first thing. This time round it's mostly braids and other bits and pieces for finishing items:

That side of things in my stash always seems sadly lacking in variety, which is why I often struggle for inspiration - this little lot should go some way to helping sort that out. There are still a few other out-of-stock items to be forwarded on, so hopefully they'll arrive before too much longer. :0)

Of course whilst I was on the Thread Bear site I had to have a browse through the New Arrivals section, didn't I? That's where I found this gorgeous chart:

It reminds me a little of the robin that occasionally comes to visit my garden so, even though I'd originally had no intention of buying any charts, it had to jump into my basket. How could I resist? ;0)

Today is one of those lovely Spring-is-in-the-air days that calls to me to go outside and spend time in my garden so, once I'd chopped all the veggies and meat for the slow cooker casserole and put it on to cook and had my breakfast, off out I went. Some of the ivy has been trimmed again, dead ends cut off the honeysuckle and the fuschia bushes and lots of dried out moss and other bits trimmed out and put in the brown recycling bin. All that was done to the accompaniment of much birdsong - the ram-raiding sparrows are full of the joys and Poppa Blackbird is in fine fettle at the moment. The snowdrops are mostly past their best but the crocus are still blooming and the daffodils, bluebells and tulips are all shooting, so there's a mass of different greens dotted about. The triffids at the bottom of the garden are now trying to take over the world, not just our garden, so they will have to be cut well back soon.

Here are a few pics of my garden pots and the new Spring growth:

2009-03-11 10:11

So now I'm away for my dinner, then a sink full of pots has got my name on it and then, hopefully, I shall be able to settle to a little stitching on NW before DS and DH get in from work, as I want to leave this evening for getting on with the Monthly Challenge piece.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you're all enjoying the day, whatever you're doing. :0)


Karen said...

its been a nice spring day here, I can't see your photos of the garden ,
I have fallen out of love with threadbear lol they have cocked up one too many orders now I am going back to sewandso , your stash looks great
SS is coming on a treat

Julie said...

SS looks fab despite your visit from Mr Green.
Nice stash received too.
Cant see your pics, it says 'loading' and i waited 5 mins LOL

Miss 376 said...

Hope the finishing inspiration strikes soon, it should do with that little haul. Isn't it lovely to see all the plants sprouting? I look out of the window the other day and a shrub was flowering, seemed as if it had happened without warning

Christine said...

Sea Stars is looking good. Its been toohorrible and foggy to do any gardening here.
Like Julie I can't seem to load your garden pictures which is a shame

Lynn said...

Lovely stash Karan, and I adore that chart, it's soooo cute!