Monday, 16 March 2009

Key of the Door...... and More

There's a distinct lack of stitching to show you at the moment, due to stitching pieces for Challenges that can't be shown until their relevant reveal days. What I can show you are a couple of recent card makes instead though.

This first one was one that DS asked me to make last week for an LTC friend's 21st birthday:

That silver mirri card looks good but it's an absolute horror to try and take a decent pic of. The main part of the card is actually meant to be a small scrapbooking page for a book of quotes but I thought it was very apt for a coming of age card. It didn't look particularly feminine though, so I glammed it up a little with the steel blue shiney ribbon. I think it was well received..... although, in typical man-style, DS hasn't said much!

I gave up on the 25th birthday card, as inspiration was sadly lacking for it, so DS had to go out and buy that one. I usually only make cards for friends and family, people I tend to know a reasonable amount about, and knowing their likes and dislikes helps me choose a theme and colours that are specific to that person - I don't know either of DS's friends so it was very difficult to come up with any ideas. Oh well, at least he may give me more info to work with next time he wants a card making!

Speaking of the weekend: on Saturday DS popped DH to the garage, so he could pick up The Tank - it's battery hadn't been charging properly and needed looking it, the result being that it had to have a new alternator fitted. DS carried on into town for his shopping trip. After dinner DH and I had a walk down the local High Street to do a little shopping and it ended up being quite a useful trip: not only did I stock up on herbal teas and a few bits from Wilko's but we also managed to find one of those plug-in cool boxes for the car....... and the price had been reduced too. I love a bargain! DS was out at the birthday party on Saturday night whilst DH popped to Broughton to meet up with his friend for a natter over a pint whilst I stayed home and stitched.

On Sunday we were up bright and early and the new cool box proved how useful it was going to be, as I used it to carry my packed lunch when we went to visit the Mind, Body and Spirit event over at Elsecar, near Barnsley. We had a lovely time there and if you're interested to know more about that please have a wander over to my other blog to read more about it. :0)

Monday was my usual jobs day, ready for Alex's regular visit, which was interspersed with blog reading and commenting - am glad to say I've now finally fully caught up with all the blogs I read. Giving myself a medal for achieving that! LOL

The next card is one I made today (Tuesday) and it's for one of DH's nieces:

The card looks a little pink in the pic but it's a lovely soft peach irl. This one came together quite easily plus it also gave me the chance to try out the tag die I bought from Crafty Devils, when I got the Crop-A-Dile. I like how pretty this tag is and will be using it for a few cards, methinks. :0)

As there aren't any more crafty pics to show I thought I'd put up a couple of pics of my DS in fancy dress get-up. WARNING: don't look any further if you're of a slightly nervous disposition! ;0)

This is him all made up for last Saturday night's party:

Unfortunately the camera has given him red eye, so he looks possessed! LOL The wig drove him batty as it kept flopping forward and getting in his eyes. He did the face painting himself - reckon he got the look of the Joker spot on too.

This one is of him dressed up as Death for the previous fancy dress party he went to:

I did the face and hand-painting this time and also helped with the spray dye in his hair. Again he's got red eye. Cue the Damien/Omen music. LOL

I did have an appointment with the Herbalist today (Wednesday), which is why I was wide awake at 5.40am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep again, but Jan has just rung to postpone it until Friday morning, due to having a dental emergency. When I have been I will do a write up on my other blog about it at some point. I now have a day to fill but there's no shortage of things to do: there's the finishing on my Monthly Challenge piece and Christmas ornies to get done, then some fabric and thread to find for the Challenge for a Finish piece. Nothing like cutting it fine to get a person motivated, is there? ROFL Then there's also the boring stuff too, like the dreaded H word.

Thank you for the thread suggestions in my last post, they're much appreciated. Helen, you're a treasure: have tried the DD thread you sent against the fabric and it's a lovely combination, one I'd never have thought of. :0)

Well, none of the other things are getting done while I'm sat here so I'd best extract the proverbial digit.

Thank you for taking the time to visit - hope you're all enjoying a very pleasant week. :0)


Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm glad to hear that all is going well, you've made some lovely cards and did a great job with the costumes!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Love the cards Karan, great fancy dress too :)

Mylene said...

Great costumes of DS.

Well done on the lovely cards, Karan.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I love the cards too. And your stitcheries are so wonderful. I so appreciate the amount of time it takes to do those... Thanks for sharing those masterpieces in progress (MIP)I love seeing the owl making progress.

jojo said...

Those costumes are fantastic. Love the cards :)

Julie said...

Lovely cards Karan, well done to DS on the fancy dress too.