Friday, 3 October 2008

Three S's

That's Stash and Sea Stars, before anyone's mind goes a thinking of anything else.......... sorry, but with a lad like mine I just felt the need to clarify that! ;0) LOL

The stash is my Monthly Clubs of 32ct fabric and gorgeous rainbow of Carrie's threads from Jayne:

I love that monthly pinkie dropping through the letter box. This time around the fabric was a piece of Polstitches Fields of Green and what a lovely reminder of Spring it is. I'll have to find something suitably Spring-like to stitch on it. :0)

As you all know by now Thursday Night is Sea Stars night. Is it being really sad, knowing what day of the week it is by what you are stitching on? LOL If it is I don't care - not when the designs are as lovely as these. Here's this weeks progress:

Another motif, another tropical fish and a bit more of the ships' wheel and octopus. Not quite as much as I'd like to have done but there were several interruptions through the evening that stopped me from getting a proper flow going. Hopefully I shall make up for it next week. Looking forward to seeing the other girls' progress. :0)

If I can get organised (Hah! LOL) and pick the fabric and threads I shall make a start on the Challenge piece tonight........ if not it might just be a good time to give Night Watchman another outing out of the work bag. I won't be having that new Lorri Birmingham start just yet: the 4 1/2" wide, 30" long white 28ct evenweave banding that I need is proving to be a tad elusive. I've tried most of my usual online shopping places without luck - so if you know of anywhere that sells it or if you have some and are willing to let me buy or trade for it then please shout up........ I'd be really grateful as I really want to start this design soon. :0)

Meantime Part 5 of the Good Friends Count SAL appeared in my Inbox earlier this afternoon, so that has been printed out ready to go. Hopefully I'll get to that some time over the weekend. This is the final part and it has all the beading placement on it too........ so it looks like the Tacky Bob is going to get some use sooner than expected. I shall have to go rooting around in my bead stash beforehand for something suitable........ as that's currently being stored in two different places I may be gone for some time. ;0)

Last night's Henry V performance had an audience of just over 70 people - not a great turn out but still better than expected. There are obviously more cultured folk in this town than I gave it credit for. LOL DH has decided he wants to be among those cultured souls and is off to watch it tonight........ Jane Austen and the Bronte's are as much culture as I'm up for, so I won't be joining him. He can tell me all about it later...... if he manages to stay awake through it. Eheheh.

My DSis is working this weekend so we're staying home again but have no set plans, as yet. I do need to get some more peanuts for the birds and some suitable food for the robins, tits and finches so we may have yet another trip to one of the many garden centres in the area and as some of the Christmas displays are going up at the moment it's a good excuse to go see those as well. As I suspected, the ram-raiding sparrows didn't take long to pluck up courage and start eating the fat balls in the new feeder - I spotted them mobbing it yesterday afternoon and they've been regularly visiting it ever since. I popped out earlier and re-filled all the feeders with peanuts and seed but didn't hang around for long as there's a decidedly winter bite to the air, instead of the autumnal nip we had been having - a sign those Northerly winds have arrived. It's getting so brisk out I've taken down my windchimes to prevent them getting damaged so I'd guess there's a good chance we'll be doing inside jobs over this weekend. LOL

The son and heir is home once more so I'm off to feed him before he shoots off to the theatre again.

What ever you do this weekend, I hope it is full of fun and laughter for you all. :0)


Claire said...

Its been so long since I have had new stash - enjoy yours - the colours look scrummy!

Please note new blog for me.


Julie said...

SS looks fab, i love the splash of orange with the goldfish.
Nice stash too, i hope you get some banding soon, i'm looking forward to watching the LB grow.

Miss 376 said...

OOh those threads are so beautiful, what a joy they will be to stitch with.

Elisa said...

Lovely stash...I love receiving my monthly pinkies too :)
SS is looking fab...enoying watching this grow.
Have a great weekend!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sea stars is looking wonderful!

Christine said...

Great progress on Sea stars. I agree with Julie, those bright orange fish really make it pop

Lynn said...

some lovely stitching and stash Karan :) Glad DS's first night went off well. I couldn't get up on stage to save my life lol

Sally said...

Lovely colours in those Carrie's Karan. I kind of miss my monthly pinkie since I stopped getting the COTM.

Sea Star is looking wonderful:) Now I've finished mine I shall live through you stitching yours!

Angela said...

Just a quick note to let you know tyhe book arrived this morning. Thank you very much, it will be next on my reading list and may well be started this week.

Stitchingranny said...

Oh with a title like that I was thinking Sun, Sea and Siesta time!!! I think my mind must be on holidays again lol