Saturday, 25 October 2008

Good Post Days and More Stitching

The last few days have seen me beavering away with my needle and receiving some rather good post so I am in a very good mood right now and I'll share so you can see why. :0)

First up is this weeks update on Sea Stars (taken in artificial light):

I'm still on the same motif as last time but reckon I managed to stitch a fair bit more this week than last, so am pleased with the progress made. Hopefully that motif will be completed next time. :0)

The first good post item that arrived Friday was the lovely Just Nan Boo! chart from Lisa:

Love that card too. LOL Thank you again Lisa - this gave me a boost when I needed it and I shall really enjoy stitching this piece. :0)

Friday also saw the arrival of a couple of pinkies from Jayne. Yay! One contained the final part of the Ozark Mystery piece (not shown, as you'll get to see what the colours were when I've completed stitching the piece) and the other had these little beauties inside:

The latest new threads from Carrie's Creations and the first of the Bi-Monthly chart packs of smalls designed by Christine of Alchemy Stitchcraft. I couldn't resist the cute Santa when I saw him, or the unusual way of finishing him, which is totally new to me. Am so looking forward to making this and seeing what else is in store in the coming months. Any hints Christine? LOL

Friday night I made a start on the Be loved Snowman:

He's the final one of the the three to stitch and is yet another cutie. Whilst the design is lovely to stitch the hassle over the chart has been a nuisance - thankfully my DH has been very helpful with this and has worked the maths out for me (not my strong point) so each section has been positioned properly on the banding. Though I reckon that when the stitching is done, the beads and charms added and the bellpull made up it's going to be worth every bit of that hassle as I just love the whole look of this piece. :0)

The Yule/Christmas theme continued today with this morning's doorstep arrival:

WhoooooHooooo! What a fantastic selection of ornies there are in this years issue....... well worth the extra wait we have here in the UK and I definitely consider it fantastic value for money for what is in there. I had my initial browse whilst sat snuggling under the duvet first thing this morning (hints about breakfast in bed being nice went right over DH's head though LOL) and went back for another look with my afternoon bacon butty and coffee and I'm going back for yet another browse later this afternoon. There are just so many lovelies in there it's taking a while to absorb them all before working out which one I want to stitch first! How on earth am I going to choose? I love the biscornus, the VS house, most of the snowmen ornies, a couple of the angels are gorgeous too and........ LOL What does everyone else think of it? What are your absolute must-stitch ornies?

Tonight is the start of a 7 night Most Haunted Live Halloween Special and I can't wait as the place they are investigating has a lot of history attached to it and looks a right grotty old hole into the bargain! It'll be interesting to see how they (and I) cope with a full 7 nights of investigations on the lead up to Samhain (Halloween). LOL Well, I have plenty of stitching to keep me company and DH will appreciate the extra computer time he'll get. ;0)

Julie: definitely vests but forget the thermal knickers...... it's those sexy longjohns every time for me! LMAO

As we have a few jobs planned for today I'd best go and get on with them.

Whatever your plans are I hope you have a good weekend........ and that you stay warm and cosy throughout. :0)


Miss 376 said...

Haha, my boys were laughing at longjohns this week. They may laugh but my eldest wants some! What a lovely week you have had for post, that thread looks gorgeous

Hazel said...

Yay!! I like the ornie mag too. I'm in an ornie exchange so this has come bang on time. Too many to choose from but I think I knoiw which one I'm going to do for the exchange. Great sea stars! xx

Clare - Aimetu said...

I'd be smiling too with all that lovely post arriving :) My JCS arrived this morning and after Strictly I'm settling down to a good read.

I love the Sea Stars - it is looking really good and I just I adore the snowman - but then snowmen are my thing.

Lisa said...

So glad Boo when to such a loving home Karan, and you've received some other great stuff. Your Sea Stars and snowman are looking great, I really need to get my stitching out, haven't done any all week.

Julie said...

Sea Stars looks fab. I got the ornie edition too ... lots to choose from that i like too.
Snowy is so cute, he'll soon be all done.
Happy Weekend!

Christine said...

Hints? You want hints????
Well there are some items that you might call practical, others that are more ornamental (or maybe just mental?) and hopefully there will be some "finishes" you've never seen before...
What colours are you doing RolyPoly in?

Sally said...

Sea Stars is gorgeous Karan. I do love your thread choice.

The bellpull is coming along nicely too.

Nice stash you've had lately. I hope my mag comes tomorrow! Nobody will get any sense out of me if it does and it doesn't everybody had better stear clear of me! LOL!

Angela said...

The bell pull is looking great I'm sure you will forget all the pain it put you through once it is hanging up and attracting lots of compliments.

I haven't launched the book yet as my last book took longer to read than I expected. When I get my reading and sewing mojo back it will be the next book I read and then hopefully set free in some far-flung part of the country. Well outside of Derbyshire.

Mylene said...

wow! great stash received. Enjoy!!