Sunday, 26 October 2008

October Challenge Reveal

As it's Breast Cancer Awareness month this month the October Challenge over at JA/S&S Forum consisted of a wide variety of breast cancer freebies from which we could make our choice/s. They were all lovely designs but, as I love blackwork, the piece from Kristine Herber of Dragonfly Stitches was a must stitch for me. This is how I finished it:

I split the design and used the design for the front and the wording for the back and finished it as an ornie:

Design: Cancer Awareness Blackwork
by Kristine Herber - Dragonfly Stitches
Fabric: 22ct white hardanger
Thread: Carrie's Creations Hot Pink
Stitched 1 over 1

I chose two different fibers in pink and attached the trim to the sides by oversewing it in the Carrie's thread, to give it the "bobbled" look, whilst plaiting the hanging loop and adding a bead to the base dangles.

Originally I was going to finish this piece as a scissor fob but it seemed to have it's own ideas about that, especially after I was browsing the latest posts on the Stitch Pink blog and spotted a link to the Stitching For a Cure blog. What a fantastic idea thought I...... and the intended scissor fob turned into an ornie instead, in the hopes that the blog owner will accept my offering for her fundraising Christmas tree. :0)

Well last night's Most Haunted Live wasn't half bad. I'm still not that enthused about the resident medium but the guest medium, Billy Roberts, seemed to be pretty good - like David Wells he was able to name names that were direct hits that could be verified, so I'm looking forward to seeing how he shapes up over the next six nights. As predicted, my DH did enjoy the extra computer time he got so I'm not expecting too many complaints from that direction at all..... but if he starts feeling deprived of the TV there's always the big widescreen set in DS's bedroom to watch, along with a vast collection of DVD's. :0) It was also a good night for stitching as I completed snowman number three! Tonight I shall add the bottom and final band of algerian eye stitches, hearts and trees and hopefully make good inroads into the beading and adding the charms. :0)

Sometimes, I know, I waffle and some of that waffling isn't stitching related and, therefore, might not be of interest to some visitors to this blog. Nevertheless, there are times I'd really like to write about all kinds of other things which are important to me, though totally unrelated to my needlework.......... but I know not everyone will want to be bothered with reading all of that. After all, this is supposed to be a stitching blog, isn't it? LOL So..... I am playing around with the idea of starting a second blog that will allow me to waffle away to my hearts content about whatever I feel the need to waffle about: such as some of the every day things that affect me and mine, my beliefs, the state of the world and anything and everything that has caught my interest on any given day. If I decide to go ahead with this it will be under the alter ego of Moonglow Magick........ it just seems the most suitable for this particular venture. When the time feels right I'll post a link. :0)

Many thanks for all the kind comments and for your continued visits. Hope you're all staying warm and dry and having a good weekend. :0)


Angela said...

I like your waffle, it's what makes your blog yours,if you get what I mean.

The ornie looks great.

Clare - Aimetu said...

I love your "waffling" and as usual your stitching is fabulous

Miss 376 said...

The ornie looks great, love the tassle. You can waffle all you like, makes you, you

Elisa said...

A very pretty finish Karan...I look forward to seeing all the others in the album...when Yuku lets me

Stitchingranny said...

Its your blog if you want to waffle then waffle, no one has to read it Karan so the fact people do means they enjoy it.

Oh and lovely ornie and what a nice idea to give it to Think Pink.

Karen said...

Karan it's your blog if you want to waffle then waffel away I certainly enjoy your blog the way it is.
Super finish well done

Sally said...

I enoy your waffle Karan:) It wouldn;t be the same without it.

Love your challenge piece. It's so pretty.

Carol R said...

Great Halloween look for your blog

jane said...

I love to read your blog too Karan - I find your opinions on things refreshing and informative. I would love to know more about crystal if you want to have a waffle about them sometime!

Mylene said...

I do like reading your 'waffle', Karan.
The ornament looks lovely!

Donna said...

I love the ornament. It is beautiful! And I love the waffle. It makes it yours!