Thursday, 9 October 2008

Mother Earth

Tuesday UFO Night has come and gone again and this time around it was Mother Earth who wanted some attention and suited my mood. Here's what She looks like now:

If you can't tell where the needle has been: Her throat area has been infilled, odd stitches in Her eye and mouth done and some more stitches added to Her strands of hair. I did have all intentions of stitching more on Wednesday but I got diverted onto something else instead (more of that in my next post). Still, any progress is good. :0)

DH went off to Italy first thing on Wednesday morning and a minibus full went with him this time round, so he'll have plenty of company throughout. He only had his flu jab (diabetics are encouraged to have them) the day before, so I hope he will be OK. He's due home again some time Friday night....... in the meantime DS will be out every night, so I am in sole charge of the TV remote! Yay!

DS went to the casting for the Panto last night and got the part of Jack, as in Jack and Jill. He didn't seem overly excited about it but a combination of post-Henry V blues and a cold are sapping much of his energy and enthusiasm at the moment. He'll feel happier about it once he gets rid of the cold and starts getting into rehearsals again. I did offer to treat us both to a meal at the Malt Shovel tonight but he has something else on. Looks like it's just me and a microwave lasagne tonight then. LOL

I decided against having a 3am bedtime last night, going up around 1.30am instead, in the hopes of not getting as badly sleep deprived as usual. Big mistake - it was ages before I went off to sleep and then what I did get was intermittent, as I kept waking up regularly through the night. Consequently, today I feel as rough as a butchers block and as cranky as the pedlar's dog! The meditation and chill out CD's are going on the player shortly (as in: as soon as I've finished here) and I think I'd better go for the full works today, lighting candles and incense too. LOL

Thank you to one and all for visiting, regulars and newbies - hope you're all having a great day. :0)


Lisa said...

Ooh, I wish I knew how to meditate Karan, I really could do with it lol. I do have some cd's with relaxation music which I've used lots and sometimes work like waves etc, but would really love to learn how to do proper meditation.
Enjoy you time with DH away, I love having the house to myself when DH is on a late shift and DD is at grandma's lol.

Miss 376 said...

Mother Earth is looking good. Hope you enjoy your week in charge of the TV, you won't know yourself. Have a better rest tonight

Christine said...

Mother Earth looks stunning.
Enjoy your power trip with the remote ;)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Good for you for pulling out that UFO and working on it. Mother Earth will be stunning when she's done!

Julie said...

ME looks great and congrats to DS on getting a main part.
Bet you were relaxing whilst i was in my yoga class ROFLOL

Stitchingranny said...

Mother Earth is looking really good now Karan.

What I want to know is why the pedlar's dog is so cranky? I know why you are but did you keep the dog away too?

Sally said...

Mother Earth is coming along beautifully Karan.

Mm I could do to meditate with next door being as they have been. Jess heard somebody having a go at her just before tea last night so maybe somebody was complaining!