Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Snowmen and Doctors

I carried on stitching the Heartwarmers Bellpull last night. When it came to it I just didn't want the hassle of digging out fabric and threads for another Halloween ornie, mostly due to the leg giving me quite a bit of discomfort whenever I walked. There's now one complete snowman (barring the charms and beads), another wording section and the top of the head of the second one:

I must say this is amongst the cutest pieces I've stitched but it is the nastiest chart I've come across in a while. Each section (snowmen and wording blocks) is charted seperately, so there's a lot of counting and working out to be done before starting each section to make sure the positioning is OK - there's so little or no room for manoeuvre it has to be right. It still means plenty of chances for mistakes, especially as the chart and the pic of the stitched piece show differences in layout, so it really is making it harder work than it needed to be. I so hope the other LB pieces I've got in my stash have better charts than this or I won't be a happy bunny!

As it's the JA/S&S UFO Night tonight I shall be having a break from this and grabbing something out of the UFO bag to do. No idea what yet........ will have to see what mood takes me when I sit down to stitch. :0)

In the meantime I had to break the habit of a lifetime - avoiding going to see a Doctor at any/every opportunity - today. Those bites on my leg were giving me real bother last night, as the red area had spread further round my ankle, my foot and lower leg were decidedly swollen and I began to feel generally unwell. I abandoned the TCP for good, old-fashioned Germolene cream on a plaster overnight but there was no sign of it having drawn any of the infection or of it subsiding when checked this morning. I then stepped out of bed, got a serious shooting pain up my leg and just saved myself from falling in a heap on the floor. Hobbling to the bathroom and back was no fun - it brought back less than fond memories of the bursitis I had on holiday and I knew then that professional help was needed with this.

One trip to the GP later: the bites are infected (yes, I already knew that!) and cellulitis was mentioned, so I have a course of anti-biotics to take. I also came away with some cream for a dermatitis patch behind my right ear and an appointment to see the nurse in a fortnight's time to have my blood pressure checked again - it was on the high side. Well it would be: I don't like going there and the screaming brat in the waiting room hadn't helped any...... plus the dentist had already warned me it should be checked out. He wants some other readings for comparison before deciding what to do about it. Yes, when I finally go to the Doctor's I go with a job lot and make sure I get my money's worth! LOL Bet you anything you'd like to wager that among the first sentence the nurse utters will be the word weight. I gave up adding salt to my food years ago (except a light sprinkle on chips) but I won't be giving up my McVitie's Chocolate biscuits without a fight!

So, after not going anywhere near for years at a time that will make three visits to a Doctor's surgery this year - that's definitely three too many for my liking! LOL

Googling ailments is also a bad idea: I stopped reading when the words "flesh-eating bacteria" cropped up. It's already given me enough of a scare...... I really don't need the thoughts of that hanging around, thank you very much.

Dawn Bibby should be on QVC around now so I am off for some distraction and possible retail therapy........ and a little early stitching won't do any harm either......... all with my leg elevated, of course. LOL

Thank you for visiting and for the kind comments - all greatly appreciated. Take care. :0)


Julie said...

Such a cute project, its sad when a chart is difficult to read or decipher, it spoils the enjoyment of stitching it i find.
Tell DH and DS i said you are not to move off the sofa for ... let me think .... will a week be OK? and he needs to look after you and pamper to your every whim LOL

Angela said...

Sounds like the trip to the doc's was essential hope the anti-biotics work quickly.

The chart sounds a nightmare but the stitching looks great.

Clare - Aimetu said...

I'm pleased to read you went the docs and hopefully the meds will work quickly and you will feel better.

I just love the snowman - the difficult chart will be worth it - it looks fantastic.

Christine said...

Ouch! That doesn't sound like fun. Hope it gets better quickly

Sorry the bellpull chart is such a swine too, but it is looking lovely

Miss 376 said...

Sounds like me, hate going to doctors so it was a real sore point when I had to go five times in two weeks a few months ago. Hope you get everything sorted out soon. The snowman is lovely and well worth persevering with the chart

Stitchingranny said...

Im In Love

Oh Karan that little snowman is adorabe - a swine maybe but adorable with it I can assure you. I dont think i have seen one as pretty as that for quite a time.

Do hope the antibiotics work and your leg is soon on the mend.

Karen said...

I love your snowman , watch out for tracking up the leg from your bites. I know what you mean about going to the Doctor's I need nagging to go lol, I hurt my back a week ago and DH is nagging me now lol but its not that bad yet !!!!!!!!

Sally said...

Oh I love this piece Karan! Shame the chart isn't easy to read though.

I hope you're doing better real soon. Take it easy and finger's crossed the anti-biotics work their magic quickly.

Mylene said...

I love the snowman piece and it is looking great sorry though the chart is difficult to read.