Thursday, 16 October 2008

Doesn't Look Much....

Not for two night's stitching it doesn't and if I didn't love this piece so much, thinking of Her as a work of Heart, I think I'd have thrown in the towel by now. Take a peek and see what I mean:

Thank goodness for Julie, Mr Stick and the girls - it's like having your very own cheerleading team to keep you motivated and focused each week and the amount of finishes the group has had as a whole are really mounting up now. :0)

Tuesday's plan to sit watching Dawn Bibby whilst stitching didn't quite happen because five minutes after sitting down I was fast asleep and didn't wake up again until shortly before my DS got in from work, around 4.30pm. DH was happy - I can't spend when I'm asleep, so it saved him a few quid LOL. I had a similar experience last night too: about fifteen minutes after having my tea I dropped off for an hour or so. It must be something about having my feet up that's doing it. ;0) The upshot of that is that ME is the only piece I've managed any stitching on in the last couple of days. I guess it's my body's way of telling me what's needed but so much for having lots more stitching time! LOL

Many thanks for all the good wishes concerning my leg, they were greatly appreciated...... especially as my two haven't seemed to grasp the possiblity of serious problems resulting from this (it was really nice of them to leave a huge pile of pots in the sink and expect me to stand there and wash them all, wasn't it?!). I'm glad to say that the antibiotics seem to be doing their thing as the redness isn't as obvious, much of the heat has gone out of it and it doesn't seem to have spread any further (touch wood!) - I've still got some discomfort and my foot and lower leg are still swollen but I guess that will take a bit longer to subside. I'll still be taking it easy though, as I don't want to end up over-doing things and triggering it into flaring up again. Karen: the redness didn't go up my leg but travelled around my ankle area and down my foot and I kept getting prickling sensations in the sole (boy, did that feel weird!).

It's Sea Stars SAL day again. Yay! Hopefully I won't fall asleep after my tea tonight, so I can make a good start on the bigger motif in the top right corner. Tomorrow night I'm hoping to feel fit enough to go for that night out to the theatre to see Tomb With A View, the show that our DS is stage managing for Group 62 - could do with a laugh. Fingers crossed

Right now though I'm off to get my feet up again...... maybe do the final bit of finishing on the Challenge piece

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit and especially for commenting, it's very much appreciated. Hope you're all having a lovely day. :0)


Stitchingranny said...

Well I can see that a lot has been done "over her shoulder" so well done you. At least you have stuck with it - I am afraid ufo like everything has gone down the drain with me at the moment.

Glad the leg is feeling a little better and yes you must still take it easy - probably for quite a while as you will find that your leg will tire more easily until you regain the strength in it.

Miss 376 said...

Keep going, she is looking lovely. Think there must be a sleep bug going around-that's all I feel like doing at the moment, and I find it very frustrating

Christine said...

She looks beautiful even if she is slow going.
Glad to hear your leg is starting to improve.
I'd have just left the dishes!

Sally said...

ME looks wonderful Karan. I'm so glad you haven't thrown in the towel. I think I shall be joining UFO night next year with Guardian as it'll give me an incentive to keep going and mybe, one day, get it finished.

Glad to hear your leg is improving slightly. You need Mr Stick to sort the men out and make them wash pots etc! Lol!

brokenfairy said...

Looks fab to me!

Julie said...

Cheerleading team?? i do hope you are not running up costumes on the sewing machine LOL

You girls do all the hard work, Mr Stick and i only scare you into doing it!!