Sunday, 19 April 2009

What A Week!

Well what a week that was! There was: a day at my DSis's on Monday; my first ever Development Circle meeting on Tuesday night; then appointments at the Clinic on Wednesday to have the Food Intolerance Testing done and a follow on session with Jan and everything that came with it (please see my other blog for more about those); Thursday was DH's appointment with the Diabetic Nurse where he had the good news that his bloods are OK and everything is well under control again; another enjoyable card making session on Friday, along with an interesting Oracle Card reading in the evening and a Reiki treatment on Saturday morning that proved to be the strangest one yet (will write more about those on my other blog another time) and finally getting the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge piece completed today, Sunday. Most of it was certainly different to the norm, I can tell you, though enjoyable. LOL

As I can't yet show you the pics for the Challenge pieces I thought I'd share the results of Friday's card making session. First up was a male card that was very loosely based on an idea from the same Let's Make Cards! pack and magazine I used to make the last batch of cards:

Only the tie, Cheers! banner and paper came from the kit, the other bits were from my stash.

This next card is copied from the mag and uses things from the pack but I liked it so much it had to be an as is must make.

Then I remembered my DS is going to a wedding in the next couple of months, so decided to up my wedding card stash just in case he was invited to any more. This one used card and paper from the kit but was my own make:

This next one used flowers and the cake from the same kit but everything else was from my stash - one of mine again:

The next one is mine too and I had real fun with it when I found the cute die cuts in my stash.

I just used the butterfly and flowers from the kit. I'll add a funky foam number when the next child's birthday comes up, as who gets it hasn't been decided on yet. My emergency cards stash is looking quite respectable once again, so if DS requests a card at short notice there'll be one there for him....... and I'll have a few in-hand for those times when the block descends. :0)

Saturday's Reiki treatment took up the morning. When I'd done I rang DH to come and meet me in Il Sorriso so we could have a drink before going to do some shopping. I quite like their peppermint tea - DH, on the other hand, had an Espresso! We decided not to eat in there as I have a few extra dietary restrictions and a change in meds that need to be gotten used to first. Next on the agenda was a stop off at the sewing shop as I wanted some more of the braid I used on the little reindeer ornie....... and managed to find a few more bits that will come in useful as well:

Next was another trip to Ethel Austin for some boring but essential items - socks and undies - and a stop off at Tesco Express on the way back home for some dinner. In the afternoon DH pottered doing a few jobs and I started the making up of the Challenge piece.

Today has been a stay at home day. DH watched the Grand Prix while I pottered, then in the afternoon he did a few jobs while I completed the finishing on the Challenge piece. Whilst taking the pics of the cards I finally remembered to take one of Night Watchman too but I'll post that update another time - got to leave something to show you or it'll be really quiet here up until Reveal Days! LOL Plans for tonight, when finished here, are to make a start on this month's Christmas ornie - thread and fabric are ready to go, it's just a case of picking up a needle and putting some stitches in.

Thank you for stopping by and for the kind comments. Hope you've all been enjoying a very good weekend. :0)


Redwitch said...

Wow! You did have a busy week, I hope it was all good re: your health.

Lovely cards :)

Miss 376 said...

Some really pretty cards. Can't wait until you can reveal the challenges

Christine said...

Lovely cards Karan, specially the little sheep one.
Well done on finishing the challenge pice, mine has a way to go yet

Stitchingranny said...

lovely cards Karan and look forward to seeing what you have done for the challenge this months. Will try and get over to your other blog sometime soon.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Some great work here Karen, BTW you are a winner, check my blog!

Julie said...

A very eventful and productive
Reveal day does come round fast :-)

Mylene said...

wow! you sure been busy with your card making, they all looks beautiful. Great job!