Thursday, 30 April 2009

Challenge for a Finish - April

I can now show you the piece I completed for April for Challenge for a Finish........ though I think some of you may already have seen this elsewhere. ;0)

This time the challenge was to stitch a flower design and finish it as any needlework accessory and, as I was so embarrassingly late completing my piece for last month, I deliberately opted for quick and easy and decided to stitch and make a scissor fob:

Design: Scissor Fob
Designer: Gandja, Un Point C'est Tout - internet freebie
Count On Me 28ct evenweave - Aster
Threads: DMC
Finish: funnily enough.... a scissor fob.

This was my first ever scissor fob finish. :0) On the back I stitched some of the outer border and added an initial:

No, it wasn't for me...... the colours and everything were chosen to go with those scissors and the whole lot was gathered together with a certain person in mind who I know loves all things pink and who I thought might need a little cheering up. Am glad to say that Karen liked the gift, so that's me happy too.

The Challenge for May hasn't yet been announced but there's a strong possibility I may not be able to take part, as we go away for a weeks holiday very soon - it cuts in to my stitching time quite badly as in the daytime we are usually out and about quite a bit and most nights we are playing Trivial Pursuits with my DSis, Aunty, Uncle and Cousin. The friendly rivalry and banter always makes for a good night. :0) One less weeks stitching in the month will make things even more pushed than usual though, so it depends on what the Challenge is for as to whether or not I'll be able to fit it in.

Thank you for visiting and for the kind comments - each and every one is very much appreciated. :0)


brokenfairy said...

That is very pretty I bet Karen loved it!

Christine said...

Thats pretty, I'm not surprised Karen loves it

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely finish, and it goes so well with the scissors. Beautiful

jane said...

what a lovely finish - lucky Karen!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love your scissor fob. They are pretty and so practical. Lovely.

Angela said...

A lovely finish. Enjoy your holiday.

Julie said...

A beautiful gift for Karen, how lovely.

Karen said...

You made such a lovely job of the fob Karan it's very me

Mylene said...

Such a lovely finish. Great job!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! Beautiful job and it matches the scissors beautifully!

Sally said...

That is absolutely gorgeous Karan. I bet Karen loved it.