Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter's Card Fest

Thought it was time I showed you the results of the cardmaking fest I had over the Easter break. On Thursday I made just two cards and the first of those was one that was made using a wombled pic from a lovely card that Barb (no blog) sent me:

Hope you don't mind Barb but it's such a nice pic it deserved to be used again. :0)

As I said in my last post, inspiration was then lacking so I got out a Let's Make Cards! pack and made a male card as shown in the magazine:

I don't actually know any golfers but it was such a different card I had to make it. It'll go in my emergency last minute card stash - am sure DH will have a golfing colleague it will come in for at some stage.

On Saturday I was on my own all day whilst DH and DS were at the Guild Room so started card making in earnest. The next card was shown made with a large Fimo flower but I don't have any of that stuff, so substituted a fabric flower instead and attached it with a sparkly brad:

This card was also shown with Fimo fancies but I substituted some buttons instead:

Next it was back to a male card. This one I changed slightly, swapping the side the image was placed and adding little star gems to the wording banner:

Then on to another male card, a Father's Day one this time:

Unfortunately I made the tablecloth area a little small, so ran out of room to put the embellishments.

This one I copied from the magazine but decided to ink the edges of the card layers for a slightly different look:

Then it was back to female cards again. I liked the look of the inked edging so used it again on this card:

This next one was adapted from a card shown in the magazine, rather than directly copied, but I used the inking technique again:

I also did a little stitching too but as that was on the Monthly Challenge piece it can't be shown.

DH and DS came home at tea time on Saturday and both were shattered. DH also came back a tad the worse for wear and with a definite limp and his opening words to me were: "You don't know how close I came to being no use to you at all". When asked what he meant he explained that he'd managed to step on an insecure piece of boarding and put his foot through the ceiling, then followed it up with: "I only just managed to get my hands down to stop my g**lies from hitting the joist". I did what any loving wife would do in the circumstances......... I laughed my socks off. I was a tad more sympathetic later on though, when I saw the bruises he'd got: there's a massive one on his right outer thigh with a definite line running across it (made by the edge of another joist), another 3-4 inch long one on the outside of his right calf and two small ones on his inner left thigh that attest to just how close he came to singing soprano! They had to fix the damage to the ceiling which was why they'd been so long finishing up.

Sunday was a quiet day at home: the hot shot DIY'ers could barely move and reaching for the remote to change channels was about as energetic as they got and I wasn't feeling great as my stomach has been playing up, making me feel really out of sorts with myself. It was a relief not to go anywhere, to be honest and gave me the perfect excuse to sit and do more stitching.

Monday we went to my DSis's for the day. We gave her our share of our May holiday money, so that's paid up now and it won't be that many weeks before we'll be going. Yay! We had planned on going to a kitchen showroom for a look round but none of us actually fancied venturing out - we'd passed the local B&Q on the way to hers and it was so busy the traffic was queuing to find parking spaces and was snarling up the roundabout! As the kitchen showroom was up near several electrical goods stores, The Range and a few other big places we didn't fancy going up there to find it equally as frantic, so we opted to stay away and did a couple of small jobs instead. DH felt the benefit: he snoozed in the armchair for a couple of hours - I fell asleep for an hour a little later, making up for the disturbed night I'd had.

Today DH and DS were back at work and I did some of my Monday jobs. Tonight was the first meeting of the Development Circle with Aureen....... will post about that on my other blog. Tomorrow I have two appointments at the Clinic: the first is to have the allergy testing done and the second is with Jan, to discuss the results of the testing, if the change in meds has helped any and a weigh-in. Again, I'll post on my other blog about that. :0)

Thank you for visiting and for all the kind comments, they are greatly appreciated. Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and a gentle start to the rest of the week. :0)


Mylene said...

wow! You sure been busy with your cardmaking. All are beautifully finished. Great job, Karan.

Hope your dh feels better soon and hope the appoinment at the clinic goes well.

Miss 376 said...

Think I would have laughed too!
I especially like the "To a great friend" card. Hope all goes well at the clinic

Angela said...

For someone who was lacking inspiration you have certainly produced a lot of very beautiful cards.

Redwitch said...

Your poor DH, I hope he feels better soon.

Good luck for your appts :)

Karen said...

sorr your DH was hurt but I must admit I would have laughed as well
your cards look fab

Lynn said...

beautiful cards as always Karan :)
I hope DH's bruises soon go and he's not left in discomfort for long.

Christine said...

Beautiful cards Karan.
I would have laughed too, but I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt

Julie said...

Stunners ...i hope all went well at the clinic today for you

Julie said...

Forgot to say poor DH, that could have been nasty!!! but i would have laughed as well LOL

Stitchingranny said...

Lovely cards Karan.

I do hope DH is OK its a very nasty area to get bruised on so do keep an eye out for any signs of anything amiss. I hope that will not be the case of course but best safe than sorry.

Hope things go well for you with your appointments too.

Hazel said...

Very pretty cards! My sisters are very much in to the card making as well. x

Dani - tkdchick said...

A great set of cards Karan