Friday, 24 April 2009

Long Time No See

Realisation has hit today that the last time an update on Night Watchman was posted was way back in March! Oops! In case you'd like to remind yourselves of how he looked back then please check here. Just in case Julie was wondering if she should send round Mr Stick to get on my case I'll just point out that I have done some UFO Night stitching..... just keep getting distracted and forgetting to post the pics. So, here is a progress pic from earlier in April (sorry, can't remember when exactly):

In case you were wondering where the progress is.... I concentrated on the light patch on the tree, below and to the side of his tail. I'll fess up that I had all good intentions of stitching on him again but never actually managed to do so on a couple of Tuesday's - the time seemed to be getting away from me and I needed to get Challenge pieces and an ornie stitched. I did stitch on him again this week, for two nights, on the left side..... though didn't seem to make a huge amount of progress:

For some reason the stitching on this just isn't flowing properly at the moment, so it's not as enjoyable as it usually is and not much seems to get done - though any progress is good. Reckon it could be me in pre-holiday wind down mode. LOL

My April ornie for the Christmas Ornie SAL is stitched but the finishing still needs doing. Have decided I need to expand my horizons a tad and try a couple of different styles of finishing because, although I like pinkeep and basic pillow finishes, I don't want those to be the only style of ornies on my tree. I've been looking for a tutorial on what I'd like to try and finally found something similar....... so watch this space. Just need the finishing mood to kick in now. :0)

In the meantime the cardmaking mood remained so I made three more cards on Wednesday afternoon, after my trip down the street to the Clinic to see Jan (will probably do a small post on my other blog about that - there are other recent news updates on there already, if anyone's interested). Here are the dinky cards made:

I will add appropriate wording to it before sending it. Already have this in mind for someone. :0)

The pic on this one was wombled from a Christmas card:

There are actually chalked snowflakes on the background but the camera hasn't picked those up for some reason. Then one that used some bits from the Let's Make Cards! pack I used to make the last lot of cards:

Once again the flippin' digicam has objected to doing close ups. Think we'll have to look around for a better quality one that can cope! Although the first priority is sorting out my dinky little Hi-Fi..... the darned thing has suddenly started giving a "No disc" message when there is definitely a CD in there, so I can't have my favourite relaxation music on when working in the kitchen. Am hoping it's still under warranty - just waiting for DH to dig out the receipt, to check - if it is it's going back.

The recent nice weather has tempted me out into the garden a time or three during this week, so card and stitching production has reduced accordingly. It's been so refreshing though, to mind and soul, that I can't begrudge the time. :0) Last night DH and I sat out for a while just chillin' when we spotted a bat swooping round, presumably snacking on the rampant insect life that was also out and about - we've seen one in the evenings for years now, so it must live pretty close by. Then today I was rewarded by the sight of butterflies swirling around in a dizzying duet of pirouettes that was just too quick for me to capture with the digicam. I couldn't decide if it was a courtship dance or a duel - either way after almost 10 minutes they finally decided they'd had enough and flew off to different bits of the garden for a rest..... and I finally managed to catch one of them settled on the grass:

Isn't it pretty? Anyone know what it's called? Keep thinking Comma but not sure. Am hoping that, whatever they're called, they'll be frequent visitors this year. :0)

Am looking forward to the weekend. Got a bit of shopping to do tomorrow morning and am also hoping we can get back to Jackson & Shipley to finally speak to the kitchen designer and on Sunday - the day I'm really excited about - we're going to the Holistic Health Fair that Jan, my Herbalist, has organised as a fundraiser for the Samaritans. There's lots of stalls and several workshops I'm interested in going to, as well as bellydancing displays...... yes, bellydancing...... and the lady who runs that also runs workshops, so I'm going to get more info on those! Reckon DH won't mind viewing that display but he'll probably head for the bar while I'm at the workshops. LOL I'll be doing a write up about that day on my other blog. :0)
So, whatever you are all doing this weekend..... have a great one and thank you for visiting. :0)


Karen said...

night watchman looks great, we have those butterfliesin the garden

Miss 376 said...

I love night watchman, I hope you get the stitching groove for him back. Enjoy your weekend

Christine said...

I looked your butterfly up Karan, he is a Speckled Wood, not the prettiest name is it?

Mylene said...

oh my.... you have done quite some stitching on Night Watchman!
Great crads as usual.

Been working on my small garden too the last days, so not much stitching done.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Julie said...

NW looks lovely. Super cards.
Hope they make lots of money at the show.

jane said...

Night Watchman is looking great - look forward to seeing more progress. Enjoy the weekend!

Sally said...

Nightwatchman is coming along so nicely Karan. Hope you manage to get your enthusiasm back for him next week:)

The cards, as always, are gorgeous.

Always smiling said...

Hi Karan,

Blog hopped from the reading blog.. and your blog is lovely and so interesting to read. Your Night Watchman looks wonderful and must be so difficult with all those light browns and creams. Hope you get your mojo back, it is probably because the sun is shining and like me the garden calls!
Chris x

Lynn said...

NW is just gorgeous Karan, well done on your lovely stitching.

Your cards, as always are beautiful, I haven't made a single one for months, I think my mojo has left home :(

Lovely prize, well done on winning :)

Redwitch said...

I agree with Speckled Wood, my SO took a photo of one recently too :)

Night Watchman is coming along great, enjoy your garden - this might be our summer!