Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Still Around

Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm still around despite the lack of blogging lately. Unfortunately there hasn't been any stitching progress pics to show because it's either for Challenges, so can't be shown until the relevant Reveal Day, or, as in the case of Sea Stars and Night Watchman, haven't been touched recently.

Yes, that's a fess up: I didn't actually manage to get around to stitching on NW last week! Please don't send Mr Stick round though Julie - I did stitch on him last night and fully intend on doing more to make up for last weeks lack, so hope he'll let me off. :0)

As for the Challenge stitching: I've completed the piece for Challenge for a Finish and taken the pics. I'll be wrapping it up and sending it off to a new home shortly - fingers crossed the recipient will like it. I then had a rethink on the piece chosen for the JA/S&S Forum's Monthly Challenge, so instead of stitching the design originally chosen I've gone for another one to do instead - purely because I want to send it as a gift to someone and the second chart suits this plan better. Just hope my finishing skills are now up to the finishing I'd like to try! LOL

I had a nice surprise drop through the letter box today - literally, because the posties seem to have done their best to annihilate the envelope, which dropped to bits once through the door! Thankfully the book and card inside were fine:

Lynn had noticed that I'd only read two of Dan Brown's books (The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons) and was on the look-out for more of his to read, so she has very kindly sent me Digital Fortress. Having read the back it sounds an exciting read, so am looking forward to picking it up soon - probably after I've finished my current book: In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick which is a true story of a whaling ship that actually inspired the tale of Moby Dick, which was sent to me by a fellow Book Crosser. Whilst I absolutely abhor the whole whaling industry it is a fascinating read........ though I'll not say any more until I've finished it and written up about it on The Reading Corner blog. Thanks again Lynn for your kindness, which is very much appreciated. :0)

As for other things: the surprise book came at just the right time, as I've been having a bit of an "off" week. I don't know if it's due to the new regime Jan has put me on (I popped in to the Clinic on Saturday: she altered my tablet taking, dropping one off and changing the time of day I take another, to try and sort out the queasiness I've been having lately) or if I'm having one of those "candida die-off" sessions again but I've been a little out of sorts with myself this week, not helped by the fact that I suddenly seem to feel hungry much of the time, no matter how much or what I eat and drink. I was perfectly satisifed before - why the flippin' change all of a sudden?! I have been a little stricter on myself and have tried to be more active, as I'm determined to drop below the 13 stone mark this time round, but am definitely not on starvation rations by any means. I just hope my stomach will shrink some soon, so it'll be much happier. Guess it'll be something else to chat to Jan about at our next appointment. LOL

DH got on with painting out the kitchen cupboard last weekend, so the all-pervading and not so sweet aroma of paint has invaded virtually very nook and cranny in the house.

No complaints though, as he seems to have decided he's going to crack on and get it finished now. Yay! There'll be flags out and a party at mine when it's done! LMAO No, we're not going mad, finishing off a kitchen cupboard when we plan on having the kitchen revamped - this particular cupboard is built in and also has all the wiring and central heating piping from the boiler running through it to the rest of the house, so it has to stay...... though it'll be getting new doors on it to match the rest of the kitchen when that's fitted. We had a trip over to Grimsby on Saturday to see the Moben display within the Homebase store there and what a disappointment it was - a huge store and all they had was a very small area in one corner that had to share space with the bathroom and bedroom displays. Only about four of their kitchen ranges were represented and it didn't really show them to their best advantage. There's what they call a flagship store over the bridge in Hull so I guess we'll be having a run out there at some point for a look-see. Meantime, we plan on going back to the Jackson & Shipley showroom on Friday for a better look round, taking in the kitchen measurements to get a few ideas. It's getting all exciting now. :0) LOL

It's been about the usual routine for the rest of the week: a quiet, watch the Grand Prix and do jobs at home day on Sunday; my usual house jobs day with a visit from Alex on Monday; DH had his diabetic blood test on Tuesday - goes for the results next week, so fingers crossed that's showing his sugars are back under control again - and I spent some time in the garden, clipping back the crocus leaves and some other dead bits, plus stitched on NW in the evening; today I've just been pottering around, made a card for my last minute emergencies box (had planned on doing more but inspiration is sadly lacking) and have finally managed to catch up with all blogs on my reader..... let's hope I can manage to keep it like that!

Well that's about all the news for now..... hopefully there'll be some actual stitching to show you next time, even if it's only another NW update. ;0)

Hope you're all having a good week and thank you for taking the time to visit. :0)


Miss 376 said...

Lovely to have a surprise in the post like that. Hope you can get what you want for the kitchen, it will be so exciting to get it finished

Julie said...

Hope you are soon feeling brighter Karan.

I've read that one ... enjoyed it too.

Christine said...

I'm sure Nightwatchman will forgive you ;) Enjoy your new book

Hazel said...

Ahhh Karan so many pretty finishes I have missed lately. Hope you're feeling better soon. xx

Redwitch said...

Nice to get a book in the post!

I hope you're feeling better too :)

Good luck with your kitchen redo and your stitchy plans.

Stitchingranny said...

Might be the weather as I too have had a sort of dont know what to do week lol.

Always nice to get a suprise in the post so happy reading Karan and hope you and family have a lovely Easter Weekend.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Keep blogging girl! Yup I've been starving all the time lately!!! I don't know what's up lately. I'm trying my best to put off eating (I'm told never to go hungry you just make things worse). When I do eat I'm doing my best to make healthy choices when I do need to eat a little more.

Lynn said...

Glad the book arrived safely Karan! I wanted to get it in the post before I got busy with the children and it was the only envelope I had to hand! I'm sure you'll enjoy it, I did lol