Thursday, 9 April 2009

Good Post

Still no stitchy pics to share with you yet but I did indulge in a little stash buying last week. It's my finishing stash that's benefited again, after two rather nice packages arrived on Thursday (so now you know why I'm spent up this month Helen. LOL). Thought you might like to see. :0)

The first package contained lots more lovely trims and buttons from Thread Bear which I ordered in an effort to further diversify the choices available for finishing. Being in two Challenges and a monthly Christmas ornie SAL means quite a few more smalls than usual are being produced so a much wider variety really is necessary........ as I told DH when he asked what I'd been buying. ;0)

The red ribbon at bottom left is what was used to tie the nicely wrapped package with and I firmly believe in recycling useful things like that. The picture doesn't really do those buttons justice but I didn't want to risk losing any by taking them out of the bag for the pic. Most are Mother of Pearl, some are coconut, but they are all absolutely gorgeous! Everything must have made an impression at Thread Bear because there was a little note inside from Steph that read: Oh what a pretty package! It definitely was. :0)

As usually happens when I go shopping there was something that kept insisting on leaping into my basket and just wouldn't take no for an answer:

All I can say in mitigation is that the chart was in the Clearance section. Who can resist a bargain, especially one as cute as him? Definitely not me!

The second package of the day was from Creative Fabrics, another online fabric shop I like to visit occasionally (have added the link to my side bar, just in case anyone else feels the need to indulge in a little retail therapy at any time). I just happened to call by when they had a special on: a voucher code for an extra 15% off the total. There were also quite a few fabrics in the Clearance section, so I made sure to check those out first. Here's what was in the package:

Looking at that I seem to have a mainly Christmas thing going on. LOL I loved that batty fabric on sight. The pink fabric with the swirl seemed ideal to back some ornies I intend to make for Stitching for a Cure. Again these have nicely diversified my fabric stash...... and with that extra 15% off some of them actually ended up as freebies.

We had the visit to the Kitchen showroom on Friday but it ended up slightly frustrating: the lady we spoke to last time, the actual designer, was off and isn't back until Tuesday....... so we didn't get chance to talk through the plan of the kitchen, although we did come away with a few more ideas of what we would like to fit in there and what style of cupboard finishing we could all happily live with, so it wasn't a total waste. Afterwards we had a quick visit into town, so I could stock up on some bits from the Health Food shop - good job we weren't bothered about going elsewhere as it was heaving with people. Our town centre appears to be having a bit of a Renaissance lately, despite the fact that it's all open to the elements and doesn't have as wide a choice as other nearby towns......... it's good to see it, actually. :0)

When we'd done in town we opted to go to Uncle Henry's for dinner - good choice, as it was nowhere near as busy as town had been. It's always a lovely meal there - everything is locally grown/sourced and prepared/cooked/baked in their kitchen, as well as also generally being available in their shop. We did some shopping afterwards and discovered that they'd extended the shop premises, so they are starting to stock even more produce...... we came away with a bag full again. Home after to find we'd missed the delivery guy bringing our organic veg box. Luckily he'd realised he could leave the box under the front of The Tank, so it was out of the rain and couldn't be seen from the road. :0)

Later on I started doing some cardmaking - inspiration was still sadly lacking, so I was cheating by using one of the Let's Make Cards! packs I've got. These are really good for breaking that horrible mental block on inspiration: the magazine has lots of nice projects inside, many of which can be made using goodies from the pack that's included...... all that's needed are the tools and extra sticky tape etc. I then did a little stitching on the Monthly Challenge piece in the evening.

Today I'm on my own, as DS has "borrowed" DH to help him board out some of the loft at the LTC Guild Room, so I've carried on with the cardmaking rather than venture out into the rain. Using the pack is helping as the card count now stands at nine and I'm slowly starting to adapt projects, rather then directly copy them from the magazine. Yay! I shall take and post some pics to share another time as the light is now too poor for doing them.

So that's been our Easter weekend so far. :0)

Thank you for visiting and the lovely comments. Hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend. :0)


Stitchingranny said...

OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh lots of lovely goodies there and I am trying so hard not to look as I am firmly on the stash wagon at the moment. Having said that I will have to order some DMCs soon as I am getting very low on some of the colours I use a lot. With a few stitching friends having birthdays within the next month (DD included) I will have to start browsing - now that is going to test my strength to the limit.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great buys, its always nice to enchace the finishing stash!

Mylene said...

wow! i LOVE the trims and fabrics! Great stash!

Hope you feel much better now, Karan.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Julie said...

Nice goodies. I hope the rest of your easter weekend is lovely.

Redwitch said...

Great stash acquisitions!

Angela said...

Great stash.

Like you I always save the ribbons that Thred Bear wrap their parcels in. I'm getting a nice little collection now.