Saturday, 29 September 2007

The Princess and The Mouse

Last night was Happy Dance time as I started and finished the couched border (it does lay flatter than the scan shows, honest) which completed The Princess (kit #6941) by Dimensions. I didn't like the 14 ct white aida in the kit so used Polstitches 28ct evenweave Christmas Candy instead and am quite pleased with the effect. I reckon the Princess, my 3 year old niece Erin, will like this - especially as she does have the tiara, wand and a Cinderella ball gown to go with. Wish the scan was better: it doesn't show off the sparkly opalescent ribbon (used on the tiara, wand and around the name plaque) well at all.
Many thanks to Dawn for having your stash clear out and giving me the chance to get my hands on this kit. :0)
The hunt is on for a suitable frame.

Speaking of hunt...... the choccie spread bait worked well and the first mouse crossed over the Rainbow Bridge some time last night. Poor wee thing, all spragged legs and glassy eyes staring up at me - yes, I felt as guilty as sin when I saw it first thing this morning and even held a little funeral, returning it to Mother Earth, but I've since found more evidence of where it's been on its travels and am feeling a lot less guilty as the day goes on.
It found and raided DS's choccie stashes: the Chilli chocolate on the shelf in the understairs cupboard and his Cadbury's hoard in his bedroom, so no wonder the little beggar was so keen to be up there (mouse and DS) and the ungrateful little so-and-so (mouse) left his calling cards all over the place. Have you any idea how much poo one little mouse can generate..... especially after eating its own body weight in Chilli chocolate? I am now seeing mouse poo all over the place - even innocuous bits of fluff look like it and I shall probably be having nightmares about it tonight, after I'm done cleaning.
Being a Pagan I generally love all of the Mother's creations and try to avoid killing anything but you have to draw the line somewhere. It's bad enough they move in as non-paying lodgers but when they start free loading on the choccie (and that Chilli choc ain't cheap!), refuse to use the available toilet facilties (two loos, one up & one down, at that) try to share your bedroom (yeuk!) and leave me with a shed load of cleaning to do then the line has most definitely been crossed. Mice beware: the trap has been reset and is raring to go again.
On the positive side: the killer dust bunnies have been ousted from under the beds and that sort out I was going to have of the stuff on the shelf in the cupboard under the stairs but kept putting off 'cos it was too much like hard work.... has finally happened. The Universe works in mysterious ways sometimes ;0)


Anonymous said...

That looks great! Congratulations on your happy dance :o) I'm sure your niece will love it.

It's a shame the mouse had to die, but you're right - you can't have them in the house.

Sally said...

Fantastic finish Karan! I bet your niece will love it:)

Julie said...

Beautfiul stitching Karen, very pretty

Karen said...

cute finish, we discovered a little earlier we have a visitor lol what I thought was fluff wasn't so the traps are coming out. I think its the colder weather bringing it in as it hasn't found my stash of chocolate yet

Anonymous said...

It looks gorgeous Karan! What about painting a boring brown frame pink and then painting on some sparkly pink glitter glue to make it really girly???