Thursday, 27 September 2007

UFO Night Update

Tuesday nights are UFO nights on the Stitch'n'Stash Forum, encouraged by Julie and the scary Mr Stick. My designated project is Egyptian Tablet by DMC and this week I was really keen, so Tuesday UFO night turned into Wednesday UFO night and a reasonable amount was achieved.



I even stitched a little of the hair band. I love all things Egyptian and I started this piece very enthusiastically but that soon disappeared when I started on the hair/wig areas - it may look effective when completed but it's an absolute pig to stitch, believe me!

Todays weather is windy and cold with showery rain so not a day for being outside, which is a shame, as I'd planned to trim the buddleia bush in the front garden. If it holds off for long enough I shall pop out and fill up the bird feeders out the back so I can watch the birds for a while. That's more fun than it sounds: the young starlings are like a bunch of quarrelsome football hooligans when they start, quite happy to stick the beak in each other whenever they can; the sparrows are like persistent ram raiders, a mob of them all flying in and grabbing as much as they can before flying off and returning again within minutes for another go; Poppa blackbird is more careful and elegant, carefully sizing up the area and who else is about before hopping forward for the ground seed; the ring neck doves are like housewives at the supermarket, queuing up (more or less patiently) along the workshop roof waiting for their turn; the other pigeons are the bully boys, always greedy and taking more than their fair share and seeing off other birds that dare to stray into "their" territory. There's a robin redbreast and a pair of blue tits that put in an occasional appearance but I'm lucky if I see them, as they only appear when the other birds aren't around and that's not often. You can learn a lot about behaviour just by watching birds.

Well, as it's cold and I can't do the gardening I shall have to think of something else to do....... how about a bit of stitching? :0) I have the couched border on "The Princess" to do to complete that piece, or there's my HAED Mother Earth that I haven't touched in a while >blushing in shame or I could make a new start. Decisions, decisions!


Julie said...

Well done Karan, great progress this week, now Mr Stick and I can keep checking in here to see what you are up to as well LOL

Anonymous said...

Your egyptian tablet is looking stunning! Your right it is often those that are really effective when finished that are the most difficult to stitch! I see you have started "The Princess" don't forget to show me a picture :)

Anonymous said...

It is truly stunning. I had to click on your photo because the silver really didn't look like stitching and I wondered what you'd used on it. I was really surprised to see it WAS stitched - it's amazing!

What is this Stitch and Stash I keep hearing about? I've never managed to come across it.

Sally said...

Looks like you have made fantastic progress on UFO night Karan:)