Friday, 28 September 2007

The Best Laid Plans....

of mice and men - seems the most apt title today. Why? Two reasons:
1) The plans for stitching didn't pan out. In fact, I didn't touch a needle at all yesterday but it wasn't a total crafting wash out. Here's what I got up to instead:
a New Home card for my new neighbours, the two Pete's, who are a great improvement on the miserable so and so we lived next to for the last 20 odd years:
a birthday card for my FIL, Ron, which should appeal to his sense of humour (and hopefully cheer him up) as he's got flu at the moment, Bless him: a birthday card for my Uncle Tony, a retired Merchant ship Chief Engineer: Hopefully that little lot has broken the cardmaking block I was in; :0)

and 2) The new neighbours have made great improvements since moving in, including turning the big eyesore of a barn in the back garden into a good, water-tight workshop. Nice but unfortunately they evicted their mouse population when they did that and now the little beggars seem to have taken a fancy to my nice warm house as their new abode - a fact I realised around 2 and 3 a.m this morning when I heard one of them scrabbling round behind the bedside cabinet and the back of the bed, nearly giving me a heart attack 'cos I thought it might have been a ghost. Yeuk - that's me off on a cleaning frenzy again!!!
Luckily I remembered a spell in a back issue of "Fate & Fortune" magazine, that my DSis gave me, that's supposed to be good for clearing out mice permanently (and ants, fleas and bats apparently) but I've got to wait until the next full moon to try it out - lousy timing once again.
DH, on the other hand, is on a vendetta and prefers the more practical solution : he's hunted out some traps to put down and isn't bothered that killing critters messes with your Karma. I think it might also have something to do with being rudely woken up by a jab in the ribs and me hissing "What's that noise? Did you hear that? Oooo, is it a ghost?" in the best Yvette Fielding tradition.

On the bright side: at least I know the house wasn't being haunted.
Note to self: I really must stop watching Most Haunted when I'm in on my own. :0)


Anonymous said...

LOL at the 'ghost'. You might have mousey ghosts if your husbands plan works. I wish I didn't watch Most Haunted too ... especially on the nights I'm on my own!!!

I love the cards. The cricket one is great!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. The young man in question is currently very busy throwing all his toys down behind the tv unit for mummy to break her neck trying to fish out later.

Sally said...

Your cards are brilliant Karan:)

Julie said...

Great cards Karan, LOL the mouse/mice, but i would have been on top of the wardrobe not still in the bed !!!!!