Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Today's Stash

Well I couldn't figure out how to edit a post to add a pic so I'm adding it here instead. Unfortunately it's only a scan but at least you'll get to see my new stash.


Edda said...

Hello Karan.
Just wanted to pop in to say hello, I´ll put you in my bookmark so I can stop by again. I´m looking forward to ready your blog.

Edda from stitch and stash

Karen said...

I got these today as well, I am hoping to get one done soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Karan

Nice start to the world of blogging! I have that chart pack too - it is gorgeous :)

Claire said...

Hope to get some more new stash to you soon.... I put the chart somewhere safe and now can't find it which is about typical of me!

Great start to the blogging world!


Sally said...

Lovely new stash Karan:)

Sheilasembroidery said...

My that pack has done the rounds, me to, don't know when I'll do it though:)