Thursday, 4 June 2009

Plugging Away......

Yep, that's what it feels like at the minute....... plugging away at Night Watchman and not seeming to get very far. I'm sure something has affected the laws of physics because progress actually seems to be slowing down the nearer it gets to a HD. The physicists really need to factor in this new phenomenon to the laws of the Universe and call it The Stitcher's Law! LOL

Mind, I don't think it helped that I zipped about a little in butterfly mode, stitching a little in one area then going over to stitch in another........ then another. There are a lot of colour changes in this section of the tree so that slows things up a little too........ and I'm just plain ole impatient to see the end and achieve that HD. LOL So here's where things stand at the moment:

I can't afford to spend any more time on this each week though as the Christmas Wishes SAL started on 1st June and I need to make a start on that. Plus the needleroll still needs sewing up: got the stitches removed and the top and bottom edges hemmed, just sewing it together to make a roll and some stuffing now needed. Must get on with this as I'd love to show you all something new. :0)

The card making goodies put in a quick appearance yesterday but I can't show you the card I made as it's currently on it's way to it's new home and the recipient reads my blog. Will share a pic when it's arrived.

As for the mega clear out session: I'm still plugging away at that too. A big bag full of bubble wrap bags went to help out an eBayer earlier in the week; yesterday a big tub full of plastic pegs went to a Mum with two kids and a baby on the way (she knows a lot about laundry then! LOL); a bag of toiletries is being collected by someone tonight and a guitar shaped CD rack DS no longer wants is being picked up tomorrow some time...... and I've just put up an ad for some stiff card envelopes I found in a bag yesterday. Don't you just love Freecycle? All those things gone/going with the minimum of effort. Sweet!

I've also started going through the books that are in the living room, on a big shelf and a bookcase in one of the alcoves, and found some knitting books I thought had already been ousted...... I took a bag of those down to the Hospice Bookshop when I popped down the street earlier in the day. I'll be going through the rest of the books this afternoon..... and I plan on being pretty ruthless too - especially as there are feral dust bunnies up on that shelf that need some serious taming. ;0)

So what was I doing down the street, apart from ousting those books? Well Jan had asked me to pop into the Clinic some time on Wednesday or Thursday to have a quick chat about my tablets, to decide about possibly taking me off one lot and putting me back on some others, to start tackling the gut problem again. After I mentioned that we were going away at the end of July she decided to leave it until I come back, especially as I was feeling so balanced, health wise, at the moment. I told her how much I'd enjoyed the Angel Workshop and that I felt I'd got a lot out of it and went on to tell her about the Mind, Body and Spirit event and some of the happenings there (more on my other blog about that). I asked her how things had gone at the Messingham Show, where she'd had a stand on Sunday: they'd handed out 150 information packs on the day so were now waiting to see if it brought in any new clients. Since Il Sorriso closed Jan has been displaying placards and posters in the empty shop window and it's prompted a few new folks to walk in or take details and phone later to book appointments for various treatments, so the extra publicity does help.

When I'd stocked up on some items I needed I thanked her and left and carried on down the street to post a package and do a little shopping - the street was pretty busy, it being market day, but that didn't bother me particularly. As I'd just come out of Tesco Express I spotted my DS, in his Mini, just pulling into the car park - what's the odds on that happening? Unfortunately he wasn't heading home afterwards so I couldn't cadge a lift with my heavy bags. Oh well..... the exercise will have done me good. LOL Since getting home I've had a session in the front garden pulling up the seeding bluebells and doing a little weeding....... until my back started to complain and it felt like I was going to see my lunch again. Guess I should have waited a little longer after eating before tackling that job - you live and learn! LOL And now the book sorting calls so I'm away....

Thank you for the lovely comments on the ornies, they are greatly appreciated. Hope you are all having a lovely week and getting lots done. :0)


Angela said...

Night Watchman is looking good eveb if you think progress is too slow.

You certainly are getting on well with your clearout, I'm impressed.

brokenfairy said...

I do hope you get some momentum on NW, you are soooo close to a finish you must be able to smell it!! LOL
I seriously need to de-clutter my house but I did some umph!!or something from somewhere to get me going!!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Night Watchman is looking good - there is nothing wrong with plugging away -the results are always worth it :)

Miss 376 said...

Sounds like you have been busy. You'll get there with night watchman, he's certainly handsome

Always smiling said...

Hi Karan

I love the Miss-Tree ornies I saw them on Clare's blog, they are really lovely and your Night Watchman has grown since I last popped in... so plugging away at something works!
Chris x
ps Makes me think of me chipping away at my weight!!

Julie said...

NW is looking fab, a little each week and he'll soon be there, we can all see the difference each week.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Nightwatchman looks great!