Monday, 29 June 2009

An Aromatic Gift

As it was the JA/S&S Forum's Monthly Challenge Reveal Day at the weekend I can now share with you pics of the beautiful surprise gift Julie sent to me this month:

Apologies for the poor pics - the digicam just isn't up for the job..... and neither are my photography skills! LOL Here's a close up of the design, which (on my computer screen) looks to show the colours much truer to life:

It isn't just beautifully stitched and finished though...... Julie made it into a lavender sachet and filled it with dried lavender from her garden, so it smells wonderful too. :0)

The beaded edging is one of my favourite styles of finishing - though I don't use it that often as I know just how labour intensive it is. The back is finished with a lovely charm:

I love it and it now sits on my bedside cabinet, as the lavender scent is a natural aid to help bring me restful sleep. The lavender soap I previously kept there is nowhere near as lovely to see as the sachet! :0)

Thank you again Julie for my beautiful gift and for the kind words you wrote in the card - your timing was perfect and you helped being a lift to what was peoving to be a difficult day. Thank you my friend (((((((((hugs))))))))). :0)

Many thanks to all who take time to vist and especial thanks to those who leave a comment - I always read and appreciate every one. Hope you all had a good weekend and an easy start to the week. :0)


Karen said...

lovely gift

Andrea said...

A very pretty gift.

Mylene said...

Such a lovely gift from Julie!

Christine said...

Its lovely Karan

Sally said...

It is beautiful:)

Julie said...

{{big hug}}

Angela said...

It's lovely. I love the purple colours you choose for it.