Sunday, 31 May 2009

It's a Miss-Tree

Isn't that a song by Toyah Wilcox? Whoever sings it I've had it whizzing round my head ever since typing that flippin' title! LOL

Now Clare has received her parcel I can show you the three little ornies I stitched for her Miss-Tree and prove that some stitching has been done in this house. First up is Sale:

Design: Shopping Motif - 50 Great Gift Ideas
Designer: Cross Stitch Crazy magazine
Fabric: Polstitches 28ct evenweave, Pearl
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pinkeep Style Ornie

Love the colour of those boots but those high heels would kill me...... much prefer comfort to style these days. :0)

Design: Shopping Motif - 50 Great Gift Ideas
Designer: Cross Stitch Crazy magazine
Fabric: Zweigart 28ct Cashel, Fairy Dust
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pinkeep style ornie, with added beads

The third and final one is one that made me smile big time when I saw it, so had to stitch it:

Design: Shopping Motif - 50 Great Gift Ideas
Designer: Cross Stitch Crazy magazine
Fabric: Zweigart 28ct Cashel, Fairy Dust
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pinkeep style ornie

That pose instantly makes me think she's asking: Does my bum look big in this? LOL Love these colours and really enjoyed stitching and finishing this one, especially as I had that perfect ribbon in my stash. :0)

It was good to fulfil a promise that was made earlier in the year....... there's one more that needs to be fulfilled now: to stitch ornies for the Stitching for a Cure fundraiser and that will make me one very happy bunny.

I managed to complete the stitching for the Challenge for a Finish needleroll but not the finishing, unfortunately, so have missed another deadline - have been out all day so had no chance to do it today at all. I shall carry on with it and complete it though, as this will be yet another first that will have been achieved. :0)

As for the weekend: I've had a fantastic time! There was the Introduction to Angels workshop at the Clinic on Saturday and a Mind, Body and Spirit event at Lincolnshire Showground to go to today - the former had me sitting for much of the day and the latter had me walking my little legs off, in an effort to make up for it, so I should sleep well tonight! LOL I plan on writing more about both days on my other blog at some point next week...... and bore the pants off you over there rather than on here. ;0) ROFL

Whilst I was at the workshop on Saturday DH and DS were busy doing jobs: DH took back and got a refund for the too small oil filter the car shop had sold him and managed to get the correct sized one from elsewhere- and had fitted that. He can now start using The Tank again for his work journeys. BTW, I forgot to say thank you for all the well wishes for DH: he should be going to the GP's some time this week to get the results of the x-rays he had done (they x-rayed both hands for comparison) and receiving the letter with the eye test results too. They both then set-to with the wardrobe in DS's room - the doors were too wide for the gap and they decided not to saw the doors (they could have fallen apart!) but take one edge off the fitted woodwork to widen the gap. They were still at that when I got home.......... and judging by the amount of sweat dripped and the rather choice words used then, it proved to be a bit of a problem job. LOL Whilst DH and I were out today DS painted the area that got cut, popped out to the animal sanctuary to drop off the five bags of shredded paper, did a little shopping at Morrison's then returned home. That had given the paint time to dry so he got a friend to come round to help him hang the doors......... and very nice they look too. The next job is to sort the two small doors for the top section of the wardrobe and fit them then he can take the flat-packed computer table up to his room (currently sat in the hall - good job it's a wide one!) and set that up, organise it with all his computer stuff then take the CD tower up and transfer his CD's onto that....... then the jobs a good 'un, all done and dusted. That'll be the first room to be fully completed - next job on the list is the little bedroom, my future craft room. Yay - things are starting to come together at last!

Well I'm definitely ready for my bed now, after all that walking around and excitement - plus it's my jobs day tomorrow and I need to be up to get a good start on everything so I'm away.

Hope you all had as good a weekend as we did.... or better....... and enjoyed the nice weather. Thank you for taking the time to visit. :0)


Donna said...

Love those ornaments for the Miss Tree. And I can't wait to see what you stitch up for the Stitching for a Cure tree!

Miss 376 said...

What lovely ornies, I love the two pairs of shoes

Angela said...

Beautiful stitching.

I love the 2 pairs of shoes one it would be so appropriate for my daughter who has actually been known to do exactly that.

Sounds like the house is copming together nicely.

Julie said...

Yes it was Toyah, i remember dancing round my handbag to that one!!

Lovely ornies for the tree, great choice of designs.

Christine said...

Love the ornies, specially the one of the woman trying to see the back of her dress in the mirro

Karen said...

great orni's

Sally said...

Love the ornaments Karan. They are so pretty.

Clare - Aimetu said...

I love love love the ornaments you sent - thank you so much :)

Your weekend sounds great fun, glad you enjoyed it.

Mylene said...

Such lovely ornaments. Great job, Karan!