Sunday, 7 June 2009

Challenge for a Finish - May

I've been having a bit of a catch up session this weekend and it's now paying off....... which means I have something new to show you at last. :0)

This is most definitely a tad late for the May deadline over at Challenge for a Finish but I was determined to go ahead and finish it anyway as this was yet another first for me: to make a needleroll, any design. So here it is:

Design: A Different Halloween kit
Designer: Karin Kersten - Beardie Designs
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen - White
Threads: Gloriana Ltd Ed silks and ribbon
Finish: a needleroll

It has some speciality stitches in those bands but they were easy ones to do. Here's a slightly different view:

The bonus from stitching this piece is that it's one of the items from my Not Another Year basket, so it's one goal down from that too. :0)

This was another learning curve and I will adapt the way I finish future needlerolls..... yes, these are waaay simpler to finish than I thought and are quite addictive, so there will be more made at a future date. I can think of at least four more charts waiting in my stash. ROFL

I heard from Barb (no blog) that my card arrived so I can also show you that now too:

This was one of those cards that just came together - love it when that happens. Am glad to say that Barb liked it. :0)

I also dug out my Christmas ornie from April yesterday - the one that I had a bit of a mishap with and had to think of a way to hide the problem areas. Well I added some ribbon to the problem areas last night, which doesn't look bad (if I do say so myself), and today's job is to get the rest of the finishing done...... then there's just May and June's to go and I'll be caught up with that SAL. There'll be a bit of cheating going on there though: I've dug out a couple of pieces that were stitched a while back and will finish those off for those two month's. Yup, the finishing mood has kicked in so am taking full advantage of it while it lasts...... and not having to stitch ornies from scratch will save me some time, so I can go on and start the Christmas Wishes SAL.

Still haven't done the biscornu for last month's JA/S&S Challenge but if there's time I'll be stitching that too....... though I have pulled fabric and thread for this month's Challenge - and that piece will be a twobirds, one stone piece to save me more time. So, if there's going to be any more progress made, I'd best shift my butt from in front of this computer and go make a start on things. LOL

Thank you for all the kind comments and for taking the time to stop by. Hope you're all having a happy, fun-filled weekend. :0)


Angela said...

Well done on catching up on your finishing etc.

The needle roll looks good. I've not tried one of them yet maybe I'll dig out a suitable patterna nd try one now.

Karen said...

nice needleroll finish, if you do make a biscornu for the april challenge I will add it to the album for you

Clare - Aimetu said...

Fab needleroll :)

Sometimes we need to just take stock and catch up - sounds like it's all working out.

Miss 376 said...

Sounds like a good weekend. The needleroll looks fantastic. I haven't done one before and the card is lovely

Mylene said...

Congrats on finishing the needleroll. I too love this kind of finishing, infact i am stitching a few of the series i had made for the June giveaway.

Christine said...

Great finish on the needleroll. Your post reminds me of Magnus Magnusson - I've started so I'll finish ;D

Sally said...

Love the needleroll Karan. They are very addictive!

NW is looking so good! Looks like there'll be a finish on the cards soon.

Anonymous said...

Karen I LOVE that needleroll your finishing is beautiful.

Laura x

Anonymous said...

Karen your finishing is gorgeous. Well done you on completing the challenge -I'm behind as usual!!

Take Care

Laura x

Julie said...

Well done on the needleroll, a great design too.

Your finishing skills are suberb.

Always smiling said...

Hi Karan

Well done on the needleroll I commented on the group blog about it.
I wondered if the stitching should reach all the way round or only part way as the stitched area is quite small, what did you do?
Chris x

Dani - tkdchick said...

You did a beautiful job with your first needleroll!!!!

Wow you're certainly involved in your challenges

Siobhan said...

Your needleroll is beautiful! Love the card, too.

Anonymous said...

lovely needleroll Karan, and you've done a great job on your 1st one. I've only stitched one but would love to do another to keep for myself, as it was a present for my Mum
the card for Barb is lovely, well done

Lisa said...

Well done on the needleroll Karan it's gorgeous. I've got a couple of halloween projects I want to get done this year, since having Erin we tend to decorate more than we did for halloween and autumn in general and I must say it's good to have different seasonal things on display.