Thursday, 7 May 2009

Great Gifts

I am feeling really spoiled this week, thanks to the generosity of two lovely ladies. :0)

On Wednesday a Jiffy bag arrived that had a well known address on the back, so I knew I was in for a rather nice surprise - yes, Barb (no blog) has sent me yet another wonderful gift. Here's what was inside:

Isn't the notecard pretty? I do love the watercolour effect on these. The box had me intrigued, so I had to open it quickly and here's what I found inside:

Another one of Barb's beautiful beaded creations, this time a bracelet...... and all in my favourite sea blues and greens. Here's what it looks like on my wrist:

The clearest pic from a bad batch - it was very hard taking a pic one-handed! Believe me, it is waaaay prettier and much sparklier in real life than my bad pic shows. Thank you again Barb for my wonderful bracelet - I'm in awe of your beading skills and all the kindness and generosity you have shown to me (((((((((hugs))))))))). BTW, it's already packed in my bag so I can take it with me on holiday and wear it when we go out. :0)

Today another Jiffy bag arrived, another with a familiar address label on it...... this time from Julie. This is the good bit of holiday reading material that was inside:

Thank you again Julie, it's greatly appreciated. :0) This book takes some of the characters that briefly appeared in Daughters of Fire (that story's main character was Cartimandua, Boudica's comtemporary), and weaves their story. As I enjoyed D of F so much it will be good to see how this one develops. It's also already packed in my bag....... there's no way I could delay reading this one when I love all things Celtic. :0)

Thank you to all for visiting and thank you again to two very kind and generous folk. :0)


Julie said...

Gorgeous bracelet from Barb.

Well done Royal Mail!!!

Karen said...

oh what a fab bracelet, hope you enjoy the book

Mylene said...

What a lovley beaded bracelet, lucky you.
Enjoy and the book too.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bracelet!!! Barb is a talented lady!!
Can I be cheeky and baggsy the book if you are passing it on ;-) I know what a cheeky mare!!
Have a lovely Holiday!

Christine said...

Stunning bracelet! Enjoy the book

Anonymous said...

oh Wow! what a gorgeous bracelet from Barb, the colours are stunning

Enjoy the book from Julie, this is another B.E. book i'll need to add to my book list

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful gift!