Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Catch Up

Have realised that I didn't actually post a pic of the tag I made to take to Rosehill last Monday so thought I'd start with that:

I always pop the tags inside a plastic bag, to keep them dry, and take a large metal paper clip that I bend around so one end hooks and holds the tag firm whilst the pulled out end is pushed into the ground to keep it in place. This method works well, as the tags are usually still there when we next visit (unless the chaps have been tidying up!). The weather was rather horrible on our visit: cold, biting wind and raining. We called in at the Thornton's Cafe at The Outlet afterwards, to say Hi to my DSis and get a hot drink to warm us up. We had a lovely surprise when our Uncle T and Aunty S (Mum's brother, our last link with our Mum's side of the family, and his wife) came into the cafe while we were there - something they've never done before. I hadn't seen them both in quite a while, so I gave them both a big hug and kiss and had a natter, catching up with some of their news. I love it when the Universe brings about such happy chance encounters. :0)

We arrived back home in plenty of time for the Virgin Media chap coming to check the set top box. The upshot of that is that the box wasn't just playing up but was obsolete and officially cream crackered, so he changed it for a brand new, latest version one - and gave us a new card for the front too. It's brilliant: everything that's supposed to work does, so we can get the guide all of the time, bookmark what we want and it work and can now use the On Demand service. Yay! Such a shame that most of what's been on the TV lately just hasn't been worth watching though! LOL

The rest of last week was a round of the usual house jobs, blogging, stitching, getting out in the garden when the weather allowed, reading and cooking etc etc etc. Thrilling, ain't it? LOL Actually I don't mind things being that slow - every time I've wished for some excitement something nasty has usually happened....... so slow is good. :0)

On the stitching front Night Watchman had three nights of attention last week. Now you may think I'm aiming to be teacher's pet or going for a Miss Goody Twoshoes award with that but no, it was all down to: 1) not seeming to get much done in one night, so wanting to do more to make up for it and 2) really wanting to get to the bottom corner, so it would give me an idea as to how much more was left to stitch before that much anticipated HD would happen. Have a look-see:

I think I may take him on holiday with me, just in case I get time to do any stitching while we're away (doubtful, with my hyperactive DSis around and evenings of playing Trivial Pursuit, but you never know). He'll certainly be the easiest piece to gather everything together to pack in the car.

I started the finishing for my April Christmas Ornie last week but let's just say that it didn't go to plan and I've kind of ground to a halt with it. >:0( I've now thought of a way to hide the bit of damage that happened but it's going to take a while to do, so I have to leave it until my patience is up for it. Oh well, you live and learn!

The next Challenges have been announced. The JA/S&S Forum's challenge for May is a biscornu from any of the links that were provided - there's lots of choice and some very lovely ones too. Have chosen one and printed it off....... am now hoping I can fit it in, with one week less to do things in. The Challenge for a Finish challenge for May is a needleroll, any pattern. This one will be a first for me but I have something all ready in my stash that I've been meaning to get around to some time...... so have definitely got to fit this in. Meanwhile I've been stitching a couple of small pieces that will be going off to a new home once the finishing has been done. Not in my normal line but they were fun to do. I won't show a pic until they've reached their new home though . Sorry. ;0)

I finished my last book, Dan Brown's Digital Fortress, too. Another good read - there are more details in the side bar and over at The Reading Corner blog, if you want to know more. BTW, it's been registered with the Book Crossing site and is available, if anyone would like it. Current read is from my non-fiction stash: Mistress Peachum's Pleasure: The Life of Lavinia, Duchess of Bolton by Lisa Hilton. It's about an 18th century actress who made good, with much about the history of the times she lived in. Not as exciting as Dan Brown but interesting, nonetheless - especially when you consider the similarities between the things that were happening back then to what is happening now....... today's binge drinking crowds are nothing new and they are complete amateurs, compared to the gin swillers back in the 18th century! This will probably end up coming on holiday with me, as I can't see me finishing it beforehand.

DH and I have been stay-at-home bodies so far this Bank Holiday weekend and the garden has been getting some attention whilst the weather has been nice. Some of my pots that had empty spaces have now got violas filling the gaps. The crocus, snowdrop and daffodil leaves have been trimmed back and dropped tulip leaves gathered; the bird feeders filled; the ivy growing over the door to the Secret Garden (namely: the old air raid shelter) has been trimmed back so DH can get in there; a bit of conifer trimming and a dandelion dig out has been done and a lot of old dead bits picked out of nooks and crannies. If the weather stays fine tomorrow the strimmer will make it out for a once around the areas that the mower can't get at, then it'll be looking a lot tidier....... apart from the triffids at the bottom of the garden - they seem to have plans to take over the world, the rate they are growing. LOL The fresh air has been good and benefited the both of us...... we'll sleep well tonight.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Thank you for visiting. :0)


Dani - tkdchick said...

Night Watchman is fantastic! Keep working on him!

Karen said...

NW looks great
lovely Tag for your dad, how nice to see your relatives in the cafe

Julie said...

The tagis lovely and how wonderful for your family to be around when you were.

There was me thinking you did an extra night as you would be away on hols and now you are taking him with you LOL

Mylene said...

That is such a beautiful tag, Karan.

Sounds like you'll be busy with the challenges, looking forward to see your creations.

Angela said...

Night Watchman is coming along nicely.

A beautiful tag.

Sally said...

NW is looking brilliant Karan. That HD will be here soon!

Lovely tag.