Thursday, 7 May 2009

Reading, Stitching and TTFN

Well that strimming didn't get done on BH Monday: by the time we'd had dinner at Uncle Henry's, did some shopping there, at the Pink Pig and Tesco Express, and went home and put it all away the rain had started. I don't reckon DH was all that upset by the change of plans though. LOL We did a few things around the house instead, then chilled.

Tuesday was a catch up on jobs day, doing a lot of the things I usually do on the Monday but didn't get done because we were out and about instead. There was also a little stitching on the cards for me, which meant the third of three small pieces was completed in the afternoon and more stitching done on NW in the evening. Afternoon stitching is a bit of a rarity for me these days but I really wanted to get the small pieces done before the holiday packing started in earnest...... though the finishing will have to wait until I get back now, as I haven't been able to fit it in. Too much laundry and other such boring things to sort out! Will show pics when they are completed and been received. Again, I didn't feel like I achieved a great lot on the handsome fella, so stitched on him again Wednesday evening. This is what he looks like now:

He's now all packed, ready to come on his holidays with us, so fingers crossed I manage to pick him up at some point during the week....... that HD is so close now I'm keen to get him done. :0)

On Wednesday morning I had a trip down the local High Street for a consult with Jan, my Herbalist. It turned into a longer than usual session as I was finally able to talk to her fully about what happened to my Mum and Dad, an emotional and cathartic experience for me, and useful for Jan, as it gives her a fuller insight into what is going on in my head/emotionally and will help her to further develop the ideal treatment for me. There's more over at my other blog.

After the consult I had a trip further down the street to do a little shopping and also checked out the books in Help the Aged and didn't come out empty-handed, of course. This was my haul this time:

Both were under a £1 each, so a real bargain. I did take out The Last Templar as an audio book some time ago but the cassettes were getting old and had an annoying echo, so I gave up on them before getting to the end of the story - now I can find out what happens! LOL Unfortunately I was quite loaded up by the time I got towards the top end of the High Street, so decided not to call in at the Hospice Bookshop....... probably a good job as we'll be having a trawl of the charity shops whilst on holiday, so am guaranteed of a good book haul then, judging by last years standards. ;0)

DH and I will be going off on our holiday tomorrow afternoon, to Rural Roosts again. Not far to travel at all but so far out in the countryside it's like a different world: all bird and wildlife and no traffic, apart from the cars of the folks staying in the lodges and the very occasional farm vehicle. Bliss! It also means no internet, which means I'll not be blogging again until after we get back, so will have a catch up with everyone's news then. We're leaving DS to house sit, as the Carpe Jugulum production he's got a role in starts either Monday or Tuesday, so he's unable to come with us...... we'll be coming back, with my DSis, on Wednesday night to see the performance though. Can't miss seeing him playing a vampire, can we? LOL

Rachael: the book is yours and you're not cheeky at all. If you don't ask you don't get, do you? :0) Just make sure you remind me though - brain = sieve overload going on here at the mo. I love holidays but so hate the hassle of trying to remember to pack everything we need!

For those folks who are running in a Race For Life event this weekend, as I won't be around/online after Friday: I wish you lots of Luck - hope the weather is kind, you have a great day and you make lots of money for Cancer Research. :0)

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Be good while I'm gone. LOL :0)


Christine said...

Have a great holiday!

Stitchingranny said...

Well I have probably missed you but just in case have a wonderful holiday.

Gosh where do I start, as I am so behind I have just read six posts in a row - yes six, it was like reading a book lol. Good job I had a cappacino handy to keep me going.

Well in six posts I have certainly seen a difference in NW and he is going strong.

I loved the scissors and fob you did for Karen - what an unusual fob shape, I love it.

The challenge piece is one I made a start on last year but at the moment its "resting", oh what fun it will be to get back to varied stitching.

Love the cards and the tag. You said you went to Outlet to visit Dsis. Does she work in the Thorntons cafe there? Although I havent been over the winter I often go up for a browse round in the summer. Maybe we could meet up there sometime, it would be fun to meet you.

Think I have covered everything but if there is anything Ive forgotten, please forgive me. I am afraid I have not visited your other blog for a while - sorry but time is so limited just lately.

Hugs from me x

Rachael said...

NW is getting so near a HD you must be itching to stitch all the time.
Have a lovely holiday!!
And Thank you I will remind you ;-)Yes my Race4life is this weekend and I have been conned into wearing a pink wig......Oh dear!!!

Siobhan said...

Wow, great progress on your WIP! I love your gifts, too. I can't wait to hear what you think of the latest Erskine books. She is one of my favorite authors, but I haven't been too crazy about her recent books. Lady of Hay, etc were my faves. I thought "Warrior's Princess" was back to her usual page turning ability, though I didn't care too much what happened to the modern day heroine. Enjoy your holiday!

Mylene said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy!

Sally said...

Have a fantastic holiday Karan!

Julie said...

Have a wonderful time, hope you come back nice and refreshed.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Have a great vacation!

NW is getting closer and closer to completion!