Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Walkabout Over

No, I've not been disappearing off to Australia (I so wish! LOL)..... that elusive stitching mojo, which had me wondering if it was gone for good, has now definitely returned and, as I thought you might need some proof of that, I'm back with those pics I promised.

First of all is Night Watchman. Here's a reminder link as to where I left off last time out...... and here's what he looks like prior to last night's UFO Night stitching:

More tree and more body has appeared. As I was well engrossed in last weeks Most Haunted Live 7-Night special this was a good one to work on, with it being so easy on the eye. Suddenly I remembered why I like stitching this so much, mojo kicked in, and it got some attention on Wednesday night, as well as on Tuesday UFO Night. Hope that makes up for forgetting UFO Night the week before (Oops!). Julie can you call off Mr Stick now, please? LOL

Thursday was Sea Stars SAL night but we were out at the Panto (Most Haunted got taped, though I've still got to watch it) so picked it up on Friday night as well. Again the enthusiasm for this piece kicked in once I started....... Here's a link to where I left off last time and here's what it looks like now:

I enjoyed it so much I carried on with it on Saturday and Sunday as well, to make up for not having touched it in a while. There's still a fair way to go before I catch up with Barb and Rosanne but at least I don't feel like I'm seriously lagging behind any more. LOL

As if to really prove the mojo is back to stay I carried on with the Monthly Challenge piece last night and actually got it finished. WhooHooo! I'm really pleased with the thread and fabric colours I chose, especially as I didn't ask for any input from DH or DS (like I usually do). The problem I have now is trying to decide what to finish it as. Oh, hum!

Haven't done the finishing on the Christmas ornies yet either, as yesterday sort of got away from me. Sheesh, if only flippin' housework wasn't necessary I could have got so much more fun stuff done......... though I must say that the idea of all three of us having to walk around buck naked due to a lack of laundry being done really does NOT appeal. Getting arrested for indecent exposure doesn't appeal much either. ROFL I know how I want to finish one ornie but not the other, so it looks like a trawl for inspiration on The World's Largest Collection of Smalls blog and it's sister site is on the cards....... and a nosey round the Freebie Gallery too, for good measure. Looks like another day might just get away from me a bit too. ;0)

DS will be busy with theatre things again soon, as the readings for the LTC's next production - Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum - are on this week. The performance is in May so that's why the reading and casting has to follow so quickly on the heels of the Panto run. I have a feeling DH may get a bit more involved too - though on the behind-the-scenes technical side, rather than treading the boards. One theatrical type in the family is plenty. :0) Alex also read for a part on Monday night so I'm keeping my fingers crossed both she and DS are lucky enough to be cast in the parts they would like. Final Casting is on Friday night.

DH is being kept busy and out of mischief by work and by a sudden rash of School Governor meetings. They're a bit like buses - don't have one for ages then 3 or 4 appear all at once. LOL He's also had to run DS in to work the past 3 mornings before going to work himself: the Mini failed it's MOT and has been having the work and a re-test done. New exhaust, new brake pads, a caliper (or something or other) freed up and a new switch fitted, among other things. The biggest problem was the new switch: it wasn't a standard part so the garage had to contact BMW and get them to send one out and there's been a wait until they posted it. Hopefully that should be received and fitted today so DS can pick up his baby this afternoon and be mobile once more. He's not looking forward to opening his CC bill next month. Oh, the joys of car ownership!

Jane: there's no need to go buying the Kate Morton book - I'd be happy to post this on to you when I've finished with it, if you don't mind sending me your snail mail details. All I ask in return is that you please journal on it on the Book Crossing web site when you've read it. :0)

Right, I'm off to get a few things done today (Wednesday) - some ornie finishing being one of them.

Many thanks for visiting and for all the kind comments - they're much appreciated and do make my day. :0)


Sally said...

Wow, Karan, Nightwatchman is looking absolutely wonderful! He looks so real!

Sea Stars is stunning! You're really stitching this one up quite quickly.

Christine said...

Welcome back Mojo!!
Nightwatchman has really grown, and Sea Stars is looking fantastic.

Angela said...

Great porogress on your two pieces.

Thanks for the reminder my MOT needs booking.

Like the new picture at the tp of your blog where is it taken?

Barb said...

Karan I think NW is absolutely FAB-U-LOUS does he need a good home ,when he is finished of course, I am also shouting for Soul Slayer sounds good.Will send postage if he is still available

Julie said...

Lots of progress, glad your mojo is back.

Mylene said...

Glad to hear you are back working with those wonderful pieces. You have made a great progress on both, Karan.

Maxine said...

Nightwatchman is coming along beautifully Karan and I love the colours you're putting in Sea Stars, great work :)

Miss 376 said...

Nightwatchman is looking beautiful, you certainly have made great progress

jane said...

Great progress Karan - I love the way Sea Stars is turning out.
I would love to have the book Karan when you have finished, that would be very kind of you. I will be in touch with my addy

Stitchingranny said...

The Nightwatchman is really coming on now Karan and is going to be a stunning finish. You are making excellent progress with it now.