Thursday, 18 December 2008

I'm Still Here.

After a few days of not feeling all that great (sore throat problems and fighting off a cold plus start of a new food regime and taking herbal medicine) combined with a bit of a low I'm now feeling a bit more like being sociable and more in the mood for blogging again. A big thank you for all the well wishes and hugs for my Mum's recent anniversary - they really do mean a great deal, especially when I know several of you are also going through your loved ones anniversaries too. Big (((((((((HUGS))))))))) to those that need them - you know who you are. :0)

Now for a bit of a catch up. First up is last weeks progress on Sea Stars:

Things more or less went to plan: I got the larger motif finished, as I wanted to, then also added a tiny and a small motif and another fish. The plan went slightly awry when the frog came for a quick visit on the small motif: I stitched the outer edge first and didn't realise I was one stitch out until about three quarters of the way round. Bit annoying as I'd hoped to add another small motif. Oh well, that'll teach me not to double check these things earlier in the proceedings *sigh*.

Last weekend was a very quiet one by our standards. Saturday was foul, with the rain stair rodding down for much of the day, as well as being bitterly cold....... nope, we just weren't going to venture out into that except in an absolute emergency. Luckily one didn't happen so we stayed in watching cheesey old films on TV, pottering doing jobs and generally chilling. DH was so chilled he was almost comatose in his armchair. LOL He needed the recuperation after the week he'd had and with having to work on the Sunday. Whilst he was working I did a few house jobs, pottered doing a few other things and also finally made that new start I'd been threatening to have. Yay - about time too! I completed the stitching for that earlier this week and it's now waiting for me to add the charms and buttons, then find some inspiration for the finishing. Pic will come when it's done. :0)

Monday was my rescheduled Herbalist consult appointment. I made it down there on my own and had a two hour session with Jan and came away with a bottle of herbal medicine, a better idea of what to do with my food regime, a recipe sheet and another appointment with her in two weeks time. I'll post a bit more in depth about that on my other blog in the next day or so. I also made an appointment for a second Reiki session with Aureen, for this Saturday, so am looking forward to that.

Afterwards I went in to Il Sorriso for some dinner, as it was after 1pm by this time - the beef stew just gets tastier. When I'd done in there I walked further down the street to retrieve DS's waistcoat from the Dry Cleaners (furthest I've been down there on my on, so the comfort zone was stretched a little further), then called in at Ribbons and Bows for a look-see at the craft area. I had a lovely natter with the owner (used to be a regular in there, pre-agoraphobia days) and came away with these goodies:

Thought I'd try out the DMC dissolving canvas stuff that's being heavily plugged at the moment, so bought the Cinderella kit. Normally I don't do Disney but my niece Erin has a bit of a Princess thing going and I thought this would be nice to stitch on a piece of clothing for her. The little bauble kit looked a quick stitch and I fancy turning it into an ornie for my tree..... though I'll change the wording to suit. The ribbon is a lovely deep purple and was so cheap I had to get a couple of metres, as it'll come in useful for something at some point. LOL I also called in at Tesco Express for a few bits on my way back home.

I did some of my jobs before going out and did more when I got back in, ready for Alex coming for a coffee and natter. It was a shorter visit though, as she had to be back at school later for the concert. It's so frantic at the moment she's hardly got time to turn round but she has made the most fabulous fabric origami card that is finished with beads:

My picture is the best one of three I took and it doesn't do it justice at all. The card on the right is another handmade one that I received from Lynn - many thanks again Lynn. :0)
I love receiving handmade cards of all kinds. :0)

Rick, the fascia chap, came on Wednesday to measure and price up for the carport roof and for replacing the guttering on the side of the workshop with some decent stuff. Currently that has no down pipe and every time it rains it gushes off the end onto one of the paths - not very good when we have a frost soon after because when I need to go up there to get something out of the freezer and don't realise what's happened I end up slipping all over the place and almost falling. I've told my two they aren't getting their hands on the insurance money that easily, so it's getting sorted. LOL It's having guttering along the full length, with a section of downpipe that will have a barrel under it to catch the water, for watering the garden with........ should we actually have any hot weather next summer. He'll be here Monday or Tuesday to do the jobs as he wants to get it done before Christmas. After a week off sick and two lots of anti-biotics the poor lad has finally got his voice back and is feeling OK again and wants to make up for lost time.No stitching that night as we did an online Tesco shop and that seemed to take ages, as it was a combined cupboard restock and festive order.

Today I was at the GP's for the second fasting blood test...... only they didn't have a record of my appointment. Luckily I didn't have to tell the receptionist that if it didn't get done today I wasn't going back - she fit me in. So I should think, as it was their cock up and I've got the appointment slip to prove it! A different nurse this time and not a bruise in sight, despite filling three test tube thingies with blood. LOL I have to phone back next week for my results - any problems/shonky readings and they'll tell me the Doc wants to see me. Fingers crossed I don't need to go back, then! Tesco are delivering tonight so I doubt much else will get done - although it's Sea Stars SAL night. Will have to see what time they turn up and how shattered I am after putting everything away.

I've been really spoilt with some nice post days this week too but I shall do another blog post about that in the next few days - this one is already another epic! LMAO

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to visit, especially as it's such a busy time of the year. Hope you're all having a good day. :0)


Miss 376 said...

Tesco's delivered mine this morning, I just hope I haven't forgotten anything vital as I don't want to go next week. Hope you manage to get some stitching done too

Julie said...

Lovely cards, Alex's looks very interesting.

Nice stash .. well done on the extra few steps up the High Street, its great progress.

Angela said...

Nice cards.

Hope the shopping got put away quickly and you found time for some stitching.