Friday, 30 January 2009

Limited Progress

That's what I had this week on my Sea Stars piece during last night's SAL Night.

A little earlier in the evening I had a bit of a funny turn whilst serving up our evening meal - and it wasn't funny HaHa, either. I think it may have been down to a blood sugar dip, due to eating later than I'm used to these days, as I did feel a bit better once I'd eaten. Guess it could also be down to the Herbal treatment working and the Candida objecting - all I know for certain is that I felt as rough as a butcher's dog very quickly. I have to call in at the Clinic tomorrow anyway, to pick up some new stock of herbal teas, so I shall see if Jan is in and have a word if so.

Unfortunately feeling out of sorts with myself seemed to have an effect on my needle as I battled constantly knotting threads throughout the evening. Result: progress wasn't great.

The smallish motif, at the bottom on the far right, was the one that gave all the trouble - was so glad to get it finished. Also made a start on the larger motif bottom left. When I had a small frogging session on this (one flippin' stitch out on one of the "hooks") I gave up, put everything away and went to bed.

I feel OK'ish today and have pottered round doing a few things but energy levels aren't great, so have given myself permission to have a quiet afternoon. Consequently, when I've done here I'm going to put the TV on and make a start on one of the Challenge pieces. :0)

Our organic veggie box arrived earlier today and has another lovely selection of goodies in it. This time around it has, as well as the usual kinds of veg, celeriac in it - boy, is that one plug ugly veggie! LOL Had this included last time as well and added half to the beef and veg stew this week - very nice. The other half of that will get used tonight, with some beetroot, but this one I think I may well make soup with next week, from a recipe off the Veg Box web site. Two things that are new to me though are kale and Pink Fir Apple Potatoes - guess there'll be a bit more experimenting going on next week. LOL BTW, if anyone has any of their favourite recipes they're happy to share I'd really appreciate it, thanks - I don't mind trying new things (DH does too, within reason, but DS doesn't always) but it's also good to go with someone else's tried and tested recipes too. :0)

That's all for now...... the stitching is calling. LOL

Hope you're all enjoying some stitchy time too. Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend all. :0)


Sally said...

SS is looking lovely Karan even with a visit from those nasty frogs!

Hope you're feeling much better.

Angela said...

Whys is it that when one thing goes wrong everything seems to go wrong.

Despite all your problems with it this week Sea Stars is looking good.

Julie said...

SS is looking great, i hope you are feeling better.

Miss 376 said...

I've had celeriac in my last two veggie boxes. The last one I did mashed in potato. DS2 kept looking at the potato as if it wasn't quite what he was expecting, but he ate it all up without a word. And he still doesn't know he ate that funny looking specimen! Hope you're feeling better today

Christine said...

SS is looking good. You are right, celeriac does look like some kind of alien visitor, but it tastes great - of course, who is to say aliens don't taste great, reminded of a line from Torchwood here ;D
Anyway I digress, try celeriac and blue cheese soup (sweat your celeriac and onion in a little oil, add stock, boil till cooked through, liquidise, stir in 1/4lb crumbled Danish blue). Kale you can treat like cabbage, or if its the black kind, remove the midribs, shred, saute with garlic, stir through some creme fraiche and ser5ve with pasta

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sea Stars is just so pretty! Sorry to haer you're feeling poorly.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Your stitching is looking lovely Karan, take care of yourself ((hugs))

Chiasmata said...

Hope you're feeling better today. Sea Stars is looking beautiful (but I know what it's like battling with stubborn motifs!).

I love quick and easy recipes. You can roast up cubed some pumpkin and sweet potato and add it to gnocchi. Melt some butter in a pan and throw in some garlic and sage (or whatever herbs you have handy) and you've got a pretty sauce for the combination. Roast pumpkin/sweet potato, some basil and pine nuts really jazzes up some store bought tortellini or agnolotti too.

Mylene said...

Hope you feel much better today, Karan. SS is looking beautiful, hope the frogs stays away...(one visited me last nigjht though!)

Stitchingranny said...

Sorry to hear you have been feeling out of sorts Karan, I am sure I will think of something to cheer you up!!!!