Saturday, 24 January 2009

Promised Update

Here's that update I promised.

First up is the January ornie I've finished for the JA/S&S Forum's Monthly Christmas Ornie SAL:

DMC Kit: #K4864 Baubles - Christmas Mini Range
White 14ct aida, as supplied
DMC threads, as supplied
Backing: Kates Kloth hand dyed felt

I changed the wording slightly. I'll admit to cheating with this. The stitching was completed back in December, before my mojo disappeared - as that was slow in returning and I was fast running out of time to stitch and make up one from scratch I thought it best to get around to doing the finishing on this. As it's a pretty simple design I decided to try the Prairie Schooler style of finishing for the first time - really pleased with the results and will use this finish again. I have a decent pair of pinking shears on order from The Cotton Patch, to make a better job of the edges next time round - fancy-edged cardmaking scissors (which is all I had to hand) really aren't up to cutting felt! LOL
I shall do better for next month - fingers crossed! - as I've already made a small start on February's ornie.

Next up is the card I made for my nephew Finlay's birthday:

He's actually in to robots and Dr Who and things like that but I didn't have anything suitable in my stash, so decided to use this simple balloon theme instead. What kids don't like balloons though? :0) It went in the post last Friday so should have arrived in plenty of time for his birthday this Thursday.

The next update is of Night Watchman, who got some attention again last week for UFO Night:

His body is filling in nicely and I love how the colour changes are used to give the effect of feathers - he's really standing out from the background now. I got myself a sale bargain with this kit but have to admit I probably would have given in and bought him if he'd still been full price - he's got such a sweet expression I wouldn't have been able to resist him!

Finally here's a pic of the birthday card I made for my DSis:

This is a rubber stamped image, stamped on the card with clear embossing ink which was then dabbed with chalks. I love this technique as it's easy to do and also gives a soft, dreamy look to images. I would love to eventually get some metallic and pearlescent effect chalks/powders to achieve a different look, as I enjoy using this technique.

Unfortunately there's no Sea Stars update this time around as I never did manage to stitch on it on Friday or over the weekend: I was too antsy to settle to stitching Friday night after the good news. Saturday day time DH and I were out and about: a trip down the local High Street in the morning, with dinner at Il Sorriso afterwards, then a trip into town in the afternoon - that left me too tired to concentrate in the evening. On Sunday we went to my DSis's for the day and these days I prefer to take just a small project with me (next SAL ornie, this time round) - although it's not often I get the chance to stitch whilst there as there's usually lots of news and things to catch up on.... too much of a distraction and that usually results in a frog visit, doesn't it?

The readings for Carpe Jugulum went well and rather surprised DS: he read for three roles and had two of them as his first and second choices (would have been happy with either), thinking he didn't really stand a chance at the third as it was for a fairly main character - but he was game to read for it anyway. He was stunned when he got the main character role - his face was a picture when he came in and it's one of the few times he seemed lost for words! LOL So pleased for him. Am pleased for Alex too: she read for the role of the Countess and got it! :0) From bits that DS has been telling us about the storyline it has us hooked already, so it's one we definitely want to go and see.

I had my usual jobs day yesterday (Monday) but Alex didn't come for her regular natter as she had her first rehearsal to go to, so I spent some of the extra time having a blog reading catch-up. Still a ways to go to get round everyone's but I will get there eventually. :0)

Thank you for taking the time to visit and a big thank you for the lovely comments on my Challenge piece - they made my day. Hope you're all enjoying the day. :0)


Sally said...

I love your ornament Karan. I'm in need of new pinking sheers too. I did have them on my Christmas list but I think Father Christmas forgot them! LOL! I will have to treat myself to some.

Very pretty cards too and Nightwatchman is looking wonderful.

Julie said...

Lovely cards, pretty ornie too.
Well done to DS.

Christine said...

Great ornament Karan, I must try that finish sometime.
Well done to the thespians ;)
Nightwatchman is growing really fast.

Mylene said...

Congrats to DS!

Your ornament finished turned out great.
Cute card for your nephew aand you sure working fast with Nightwatchman.

jane said...

Lovely ornament Karan - I keep meaning to have a go at one of those finishes. Lovely cards too!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on your ornie finish.