Monday, 8 December 2008

Updates and Wafflings

Not sure where the back end of last week disappeared off to. I had all good intentions of blogging again before the weeks end but it just sort of didn't happen. Oh well, I'm here now. LOL

Thursday night came and went, with Sea Stars growing a little more....... though not as much as I'd have liked as I just don't seem able to get a good flow going with this particular motif. Am hoping I can get it completed this Thursday, then I can start on some smaller motifs and add a few more fish to give the whole thing a quick growth spurt. LOL

Rosanne is doing really well and has got quite a bit done but poor Barb has had a dreaded frog visit again - though she's still also doing really well........ I'm an "also ran", trailing behind them both. LOL

Friday's new start didn't materialise. It didn't help that I kept dithering between which piece I wanted to start: I originally picked out a cute San Man piece but when it came to sorting out what I needed I just didn't fancy it. Off back to the NAY basket and Option 2, a Val's Stuff design, came out. OK, that had me wanting to pick up a needle, so I grabbed my DMC threads to sort out what I needed, with a view to having a floss toss and making a start........ and soon realised that I didn't have three of the colours needed for it. Why does that always happen, no matter how many flippin' threads you've got? Disgusted, I gave up the whole idea and went back to reading my book instead.

Saturday we had an early start: the Fascia guy and his mate turned up at 8am to make a start. Mid-morning DH and I left them to it whilst we popped down the local High Street to do a little shopping, call at the Building Society and post some parcels. I also took the book Chocolat with me so I could do a wild release - it was left in the sitting area in the Duke of Boot, while we were in there buying sausages and some gammon steaks for Sunday dinner. We got everything done but the parcel posting: when we saw the length of the queue in the PO we abandoned the idea and headed home. Once we dropped the shopping off we jumped in the car and headed off to a PO a little further afield which is always less busy. Packages all got sorted in time to go in the 12.30 collection, so perfect timing - Santa should be making an early visit to a few folks this week. :0) We had dinner at home then spent the rest of the day pottering round the house doing jobs. The guys had done the bulk of the fascias etc by the time the light was going - the young chap was coming back on Sunday to finish off the remaining bits.

Sunday the chap didn't turn up but I got a phone call from his Mum mid-morning: he had had to go to casualty to get checked out as his throat, which had been playing him up last week, was now so swollen he couldn't even swallow water. No worries - we'd half expected it, as he'd mentioned to DH the day before that he was struggling a bit (though it never once affected his work). DH and I spent a quiet day at home getting a few things done. The festive decorations didn't make it out of the loft but I did have three small stitched ornies to hand, so hung those from the door handles of three of the doors into the hall. When DH asked about them I said those were the decs for this year - job done! Bah, Humbug! LOL

Sunday night I really wanted to stitch and, as that new start was out of the question, I picked up Night Watchman. Here's the latest update pic:

It's all shaping up nicely, though I doubt he'll be a HD this side of the New Year.

Today has been my usual jobs day, though Alex won't be coming round for a coffee and natter as she's currently down with a bug and off sick - it's definitely that time of the year again. I got a surprise mid-morning when the fascia chap turned up to finish off the work - I really hadn't expected to see him. Poor lad could barely get a word out and definitely didn't look great but he's kept a steady pace through the day, just breaking off for his dinner, and now it's all finished, despite the rain starting around 1.30pm. He was off home to have a warm bath and planned on dosing himself up and going to bed - I reckon it'll be a few days before he'll be up and about again, bless him. We wouldn't have minded if he'd waited to finish the job until after he'd recovered but he's self-employed, so needed to get it done and get paid so he can pay some bills, then go on to buy the bits for his next job. I'll find out how he's doing some time next week though, as he's going to pop back when he's feeling better, to give us a price for re-doing the carport roof - the main roof pieces have got rot in them and the plastic sheets are damaged in a couple of places, so we thought it best to get it done before it falls down.

The next dry day we get I shall pop out and take some pics of the house with all it's nice, new posh bits and post them so you can have a nosey........ although the bits that still need painting will let it down a little.

I also spent some time this afternoon sorting threads for an internet freebie. I'd printed out the chart a while ago and came across it again today - it only uses five colours and whaddya know..... I've got them all. Yay! If I feel inspired tonight (and not too tired) I plan on starting it - it's a fairly straightforward festive design, so it shouldn't take long to stitch. Depending on how I decide to finish it, it should be just right to hang from the fourth door handle on the hall side. :0)

Hope you all had a good weekend and are managing to stay warm and dry on this very wet start to the week. Many thanks for visiting. :0)


Redwitch said...

Sea Stars and the Night Watchman are coming along a treat :)

I don't know where the time is going lately, hope you have a good week!

Sally said...

Sea Stars is looking wonderful Karan:) So is Nightwatchman. He looks so real peeping out there.

I received an early Christmas surprise from you this morning ( naughty naughty girl!!). Love the Christmas card. It's so cute. Thank you so much. Pressie is going under the tree.

Julie said...

SS and Nightwatchman look great.
Santa arrived here - what a lovely surprise, thank you.
Always the same with me when i have a new start, 1 thread seems to have gone walkabouts or needs to be bought ...

Angela said...

Well you sound pretty busy to me for all that you seem to think you've not got a lot done.

The first thing I do when a pattern arrives is check what threads I need for it . Mind invariably my LNS has then sold out of the threads I need.

Mylene said...

Sea Stars and Night Watchman are coming along great!

Hope you are having a good week too.

Karen said...

Nightwatchman and SS look super

frustrating when those threads go into hiding , far more annoying is when they come out to play when the new ones arrive!!!!