Sunday, 16 December 2007

Sunday Surprises

Well the first surprise is me Blogging on a Sunday. ;0)

A knock at the door late morning led to a BIG surprise: parcels being delivered by a man in a white van. Looks like RM are struggling to cope with all the Christmas mail and are having to resort to Sunday deliveries in ordinary vans...... not that I'm complaining: one of the four items that arrived was for me! Inside my package was a wrapped Christmas present and this beautifully stitched card from Helen:
The scanner has done its usual thing and made things look washed out: IRL the thread ranges from a dark blue, through to greens and with a little yellow in there and the stars and wording are sparkly rainbow coloured. It really is beautiful and I love it, so thank you again Helen. :0)
BTW, the gift has disappeared into the depths of my wardrobe to keep company with the other surprise gifts I've been lucky enough to receive this year - I'm hoping it's now a case of "out of sight, out of mind" in an effort to resist temptation. ;0)

My DSis had a day out with her friends today: they went to a big retail outlet near York, then followed it up with shopping in York itself. It sounds like they took advantage of quite a few sales, had a good shopping spree and came back with quite a haul from what she was telling me when I spoke to her on the phone earlier. That girl so knows how to have a good splurge. LOL

DH and I had a much less expensive day at home: we made a start on the ever-growing jobs list and he even managed to get the boxes of decorations out of the loft. >shock< We decided not to bother with the big tree this year, as we're not really in the mood for that, but my Santa on a broomstick will definitely be flying up the bannisters again after a fun debut last year. LOL

I haven't made the new start I planned on doing today. What with the jobs that we did, the preparations for our dinner (corn-fed roast chicken etc - yummy!) and chatting to my DSis on the phone the day just got away from me and now I'm too tired to concentrate. Hopefully I shall make the new start tomorrow: Alex isn't able to visit in the afternoon, due to having a Carol Concert to go to at school, so I shall have a bit more spare time on my hands than usual. I'm still undecided which project to go for so I guess I'll just have to see what mood I'm in then see what appeals the most........... or I could always flip a coin. LOL

Hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend and that the coming week is a good one. :0)


Karen said...

great card from Helen

Stitchingranny said...

Hi Karan, You asked about the chart and thread. The thread was Anchor 1355 and the chart was an adaption of one from this months gift of stitching (which was too big to fit on the card lol). How did I ever manage before I got Easy Cross its wonderful for things like that.

jane said...

isn't that a lovely card - I got one too and I love it!!!

Sally said...

The card from Helen is absolutely beautiful Karan.

Ooh thank you for the card you sent us. It is gorgeous:) How did you know I love snowmen! LOL!

Julie said...

Beautiful card, can i see your santa on a broomstick please, it sounds interesting LOL

Thanks for your pm, it meant a lot to me {{{huggles}}}

Mylene said...

A lovely card from Helen.