Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Crimbo Cards & UFO Update

I can now show you another of the Christmas cards I made as Sally has let me know it's arrived. I had fun making this one, so glad you liked it Sally. :0) I thought I'd share a pic of a card I received yesterday. This one was made by my friend Alex who is heavily into freestyle embroidery and being really creative with textiles and threads etc.
This looks much better IRL, very snowy and is so touchy-feely - one of many beautiful items she's made over the years. A love of needlework is one of many things we have in common.

As for my UFO: I've been a good girl this week and actually spent both Monday and Tuesday night stitching on ET and it's showing the benefit of it. Here's the update:
Although this Tuesday was the final UFO Night for this year I think I may still have the odd stitching session on it over the festive season. Meantime: thanks Julie, Mr Stick and my fellow UFO Nighters for keeping me going with this. :0)
My right knee was playing up again yesterday, making walking painful, so I had a nice quiet afternoon and evening with my feet up, watching Dawn Bibby on QVC (no spending, just enjoying seeing the samples and goodies) and some interesting documentaries whilst stitching. So I split the day into two stitching sessions, with the new start in the afternoon and UFO Night stitching in the evening.
The new start wasn't the freebie chart by GiGi or the Alchemy Humbug SAL or any of the others I mentioned: it was a cute little Mill Hill pin kit. It's of a Santa's head in cross stitch and beads and, instead of making it up into a pin (or brooch), I'm going to finish it as another ornie for my metal scrollwork tree. When I put the tree up on Monday and found the other ornies and put them on it looked awfully bare: I hadn't made nearly as many as I thought I had (or if I have I can't find them!), so decided to try and get a couple more made.
Hoping to get Santa finished tonight and start another one after - will put pics up when they're done. I'm so glad I invested in a Tacky Bob a while back though: it really does stop me from pinging beads and decorating the whole room with them! ;0)
BTW, if anyone happens to be trawling that well known auction site (UK branch) and finds any of the Mill Hill Christmas ornie or pin kits at reasonable prices PLEASE give me a shout and point me in the right direction. Likewise, if anyone has any for sale/trade please let me know. Thanks. I have several in my stash still to do but they won't all fill my tree, plus I love making them as they are so much fun. :0)
Panto rehearsals are now coming thick and fast for DS, so we barely see anything of him at the moment: it's straight in from work, washed, changed, a meal (if he's got time) then out to rehearsal and back some time around 10 - 10.30pm, then he catches up on emails and the like and has a meal if he didn't get one earlier. We may see him for an hour for a catch-up before we're off to bed - not that I'm complaining, as at least we know where he is and what he's getting up to. He's thriving on it and, so long as no one makes any last minute changes to what he has to do, he will do OK.
DH informs me he's hoping to have tomorrow off work so he can have a catch-up at home. Not exactly sure what that involves yet but hope it means he's going to finish off the kitchen cupboard so I can finally get my pots and pans back in there before cooking for the festive season starts. If you see and hear lots of fireworks going up and brass bands playing in this vicinity you'll know it's done at last and I'm celebrating. LOL ;0)
Julie: will try and do a pic of my broomstick Santa and get DH to upload it for me.
Have managed to get behind with every one's blogs again, so hope to have a catch up tonight and tomorrow.


Karen said...

Nice cards, your stitching is coming along very well.
I will look out for the fireworks lol if it's anything like here they will stay in the box

Mylene said...

Lovely cards, Karan!
And progress looks good too.

Sally said...

I LOVE my card Karan! Thank you so much.

ET is coming along nicely. I did quite well on Tuesday night but I haven't posted on S&S as yet!

Stitchingranny said...

Will watch the sky tonight for any signs of fireworks lol.

ET must be near completion you are doing very very well with it.

Julie said...

ET looks stunning Karan, you have made such wonderful progress on UFO night (and the other nights too)

Great cards

Rachael said...

Wonderful cards and great work on ET

Merry Christmas!!

jane said...

Happy New Year Karan!!
I have only recently "found" your blog - look forward to reading it in 2008

Mylene said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Karan.