Thursday, 13 December 2007

Should Have...... Didn't

I should have been stitching on Egyptian Tablet on Tuesday night but didn't as I suddenly realised that Wednesday was the birthday of the little girl next door and I hadn't made a card for her. She's a bit special to us, as she was born just two days after my Mum passed away, and making a card for her is fast becoming a tradition. Out came my cardmaking goodies instead of ET and here are the results: A Dora the Explorer card for Evie. Then I made this rubber stamped and embossed card for our friend, Alex's birthday:
That holographic embossing powder gets everywhere - it looked like I'd been sprinkled with fairy dust by the time I'd done! Then I made two Christmas cards but I'm only showing you one, as the other is going to someone who reads my blog:
I'd meant to update my blog with those pics yesterday but I wasn't feeling too great, again: initially I couldn't decide if it was a mild allergic reaction to something I'd eaten/drunk or if my immune system was busy trying to fight something off. As it involves my sinus and stomach it could be either but the symptoms do seem to coincide with the times I have had a certain chocolate drink in the evenings, so I'm guessing it's a reaction to that and am leaving it alone for a while. I didn't have it last night and I'm fine today. Sorry, I never thought I'd say this but: no chocolate drink, no matter how tasty it is, is worth feeling that ropey for. Now you can all faint in shock. ;0)

I won't, however, be giving up the Chrsitmas hoard of Guylian choccies or the Mingles any time soon.......... not without a fight, anyway, and I warn you - I fight dirty. ;0) LOL

I received a package from Claire this week, containing not just the Faith Tree chart she had very kindly offered to send but surprises too: some lovely silver edged aida band (very festive, that edge really glitters) for my charity stitching and the sweetest little scissor fob for me. It's not only got a cute frog charm on the end but a tiny tinkling bell too. I love it and it's already attached to my scissors. If you're reading this: thanks again for your generosity Claire. :0)
As for the stitched Christmas Card exchange: it will be three weeks tomorrow that I posted off my package and it still hasn't arrived yet. The grumpy woman at the Post Office wasn't particularly sympathetic when DH asked about it yesterday and she won't do anything about it until the full three weeks are up. Meantime I've let the organiser and my partner know it looks like there may be a problem and that I've started stitching a replacement card to send, just in case - although the last posting date to the USA was back on the 10th, so there's no guarantees of her getting it in time for Christmas. Gutted for my partner - my first ever exchange as well. :0(

If I get chance over the weekend I shall have a very belated stitching session on ET, in the hopes of dodging a whack from Mr Stick - otherwise I'll stitch double time next week. :0)
As this end of the year holds some sad memories for a few of us: here are lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))) to all of you who need them at the moment. Peace to all.


Karen said...

the cards you made are fab , I love the one you sent me.
I have the embossing powder I usually do it before I have a shower lol .
I hate allergic reactions I have to take piriton, carry a epi pen then have steriods lol , I adore prawns and crab but a visit to A&E really isnt worth it no matter how nice the men in green are, LOL I think most of us fight dirty when chocolate is involved

Mylene said...

Beautiful cards, Karan.

Julie said...

Beautiful cards Karan, and Mr Stick is busy with his Christmas preparations so i'm sure he didn't notice you weren't there LOL I think next year we'll have the whole of December off !!!

Sally said...

Lovely cards Karan. I wish I had the patience!

Stitchingranny said...

I am sure Mr Stick will forgive you as even he must have last minute Christmas things to attend to.

Im looking forward to the update pictures on ET though the cards are lovely. I adore the rubber stamped one its beautiful.

Stitchingranny said...

sorry if this is a double up but computer was playing games last night so not sure if post went through or not lol.

Mainly wanted to say how much I liked your stamped and embossed card Karan, its stunning.

Lynn said...

what lovely cards Karan, well done :) You got some lovely presents. I've got the same chart and hope to get it done in time for NEXT christmas lol
I love your little chickadee, he's absolutely gorgeous :)