Thursday, 19 February 2009

I Don't Believe It!

No, I'm not doing the Victor Meldrew, grumpy old fart bit today.......... I'm just left absolutely gobsmacked by the generosity and kindness of Barb (no blog). I've received another surprise gift from her of these lovely goodies:

I've just realised the Special Friend ribbon was upside down. Doh! Aren't they brilliant? I love everything and can't thank you enough for gifting these to me Barb (((((hugs))))). The generosity of online stitchy friends never ceases to amaze me - what a fantastic group of people you all are! :0)

Tuesday UFO Night was time for Night Watchman to come out to play again, with a little more being done on Wednesday night too - though the sleep deprivation was kicking in by then so it was a struggle to concentrate. Here's where I left off:

Thought it was about time that branch was worked on, so he won't look like he's spookily floating in mid-air any more....... or super-glued to the side of the tree trunk. LOL

I've completed the finishing on the piece for the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge.... well, all bar one item needed. I bought some finishing bits whilst on holiday last year and they're now wanted for this. I remember having my hands on them a while ago and thinking that they were in danger of getting knocked off from where they were and moving them....... but can't remember where to. I've hunted high and low for them, in all the usual - and now all the unusual - places I could think of and found all kinds of stuff but can I find what I actually want? Can I heck! Yup, you've guessed it - they've disappeared into that blackhole called The Safe Place. An appeal to the Angel of Lost Property hasn't helped so far either. :0( I guess I'm going to have to take a pic of my piece as-is and hope the other bits eventually turn up so I can then send this off to its new home.

Still not done the finishing on the Challenge for a Finish piece: it's a heart shape and the first time I did this type of finish it gave me a bit of hassle, so I keep putting off tackling this one. No good keep telling myself I'll do it later - later just doesn't seem to be happening in this neck of the woods. ;0) I should be a bit less sleep deprived tomorrow plus have an early start, which means there'll be plenty of time to do it, so I'll just have to bite the bullet, won't I? LOL

There was plenty of wakeful night hours over the last few days which meant quite a bit of it was spent with my nose buried in my latest book and I finished reading it yesterday. It was Camelot's Shadow by Sarah Zettel (one of the many charity shop buys) and I'll be posting about that on The Reading Corner blog later, plus adding it to my Swap List and registering it with Book Crossing. Started my next book last night: Atlantis by David Gibbins - that grabbed me from the first page, so have read a little more today as well. The way it's going it's probably going to end up a fairly quick finish.

Thankfully DH got back from Italy OK last night. He was shattered from a hectic schedule of meetings with brain-storming sessions and all the travel......... and it didn't help that his bag weighed an absolute ton, thanks to a humongous lever-arch file full of bumpf he'd brought back from the Italian Company........ and I guess the two large bottles of grappa didn't help much either. ;0) (One is for a colleague, I hasten to add - he's not a total boozer). He almost gave himself a hernia hefting that little lot through the door and up the stairs. He also brought back a vacuum pack of proper Italian decaff coffee, in the hopes that I will be OK to drink it. Bless! I'm back at the Clinic to see the Herbalist again tomorrow, which is the reason for the early start, so I shall ask about it while I'm there. Will be having my blood pressure checked and a weigh-in too: wish me luck for some more good news! :0)

Christine: the Crop-A-Dile bumpf says it can be used on fabric - as well as card, paper, tin, leather, chipboard, wood, plastic, acrylic and poly. I've used it on evenweave already and it is waaaay better than the "bash it with a hammer until it cries for mercy" method - it's silent for one thing and there's no over-doing it and ruining the eyelets! LOL Between all the crafts I do my new toy will be getting quite a bit of use. :0)

Hope you've enjoyed your visit and a big thank you for all the kind comments you leave, they are very much appreciated. :0)


Clare - Aimetu said...

Wow great gifts - lucky girl. I love the Owl it's coming along great.

Nice to read DH gat back Ok.

Did you buy your Crop-A-Dile online - I'd quite like one of these?

BTW if this posts twice sorry I had a bit of trouble LOL

Julie said...

NW looks great.
I've been up in the wee small hours reading too, but i have had to play with kitty too!!!
Hope all goes well at the checkup.
Lovely gifts from Barb.

Anonymous said...

Lovely gifts from Barb, You lucky lady!
Night Watchman is looking fab!
I have lots of those safe places as well LOL

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful gift!

jojo said...

Oh Karan your Night Watchman is stunning, he is a real beauty.
Lovely gift's from Barb.
Oh no, not The Safe Place! Good luck finding it!

Kit said...

I just happened on your blog and love it, lovely work!

Angela said...

Whata generous gift.

Night Watchman is coming along great.