Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Card and a Reveal

Thursday I remembered MIL's birthday was fast approaching and if there was going to be any chance of a card reaching her in time I'd best extract my digit and get on with it. She loves her flowers, having once run her own flower arranging business as well as being a keen gardener, so the theme was a no-brainer. Here's what I made:

I can't take credit for the decoupage: it was one I bought ready-made from a seller on that well-known auction site - the one where you can happily lose a couple of hours or a whole evening due to browsing through the crafts section. LOL I think she'll be happy with it.

I did stitch on Sea Stars but it was so little (a fish and a tiny section of the huge motif) it's just not worth doing an update pic of it. I was so twitchy about the visit to the Herbalist the following day, wondering about the weigh-in, it was a struggle to concentrate - added to that were numerous interruptions, so I never really got into a good flow with things. Once I've finally completed the Christmas ornie for February (tonight?) and done the finishing (tomorrow daytime?) I'm hoping to give a bit more attention to SS and have an update of it early next week.

I had my early start on Friday but I didn't get to the Clinic (so much for getting twitchy about it - that'll teach me LOL): Ann, the receptionist, rang me up to say Jan had woken up with a bad headache, apologise and ask if the appointment could be rescheduled. As I said: folks can't help being ill so I didn't mind and another appointment was made for the following morning (Saturday) at 9.15am. So, there was I with a whole day ahead to fill and no real yearning to go out, with knowing I'd be going out the next day on my lonesome (after all the travel this week, I knew DH wouldn't feel like getting up to get out of the door and down the street in plenty of time). Well it was pretty easy to find plenty to do to fill it. :0) After doing the pots and some laundry and a few other jobs it was over to some fun stuff: blog reading, to see what everyone has been up to, a little reading (the new book is definitely a good one) and assembling my February piece for the Challenge For A Finish blog:

Challenge: Redwork Heart-shaped finish
Design: Celebration Blackwork Heart - internet freebie
Designer: Christine-Ann Martin - Aion Designs
Fabric: Zweigart 28ct Brittney - Bone
Thread: DMC 816

It's the first time I've attempted a heart-shaped pinkeep style finish....... and can't you tell? A very steep learning curve, so maybe next time I'll manage to get things aligned a tad better. It's for me and DH, not a gift for someone else, so it'll be OK. LOL

Saturday was an even earlier start than Friday but well worth it all round. I had more good news from the Herbalist (see my other blog for more about this), met DH afterwards to do some shopping, popped home to put it away and have a drink and a snack before going back to the Clinic for an 11.30am Reiki treatment with Aureen. After that I popped into Tesco's Express on my way home to pick up some bits we didn't have the time to get earlier (or the extra arms needed to carry more bags!). By the time I got home and put things put away DH and DS were off on their travels, over to Mexborough for a go-karting session with other LTC members. One quiet afternoon to catch up with the Forum and emails and finally catch my breath. They were both home in time for take-out curry. DH was walking a little stiffly - he'd had fun but his bones aren't as young as they were, plus he fell asleep for a couple of hours in his armchair! DS may be younger but he'd lost the back end of the kart and slammed into the wall, banging and jerking his side and back, so was in a worse state - the area he banged is slightly swollen and bruising has started to develop today. Thank goodness for No Pain gel....... though it'll be a while before he'll be able to move freely again! Boys will be boys! LOL

Clare: I bought the Crop-A-Dile online from Crafty Devils - the link is in my side bar under Where I Like To Shop. They have a choice of buying with or without the case - I thought with the case was a better deal. It's free P&P over a certain amount too. Am happy to recommend them. :0)

Right I'd best be off as we're supposed to be having a trip out to Aldi and Wickes today.

Thank you all for visiting (Hi to newbies!) - hope you're all enjoying a good weekend. :0)


Miss 376 said...

Glad all went well with the herbalist. I love the heart ornament, it looks great

Clare - Aimetu said...

Thanks for the info Karan - I will bookmark the site (have spent too much this weekend already oops)

I love the card, just perfect :)

Julie said...

Very pretty card and i love the heart pinkeep.
Off to read all about your visit to the herbalist.

Cheryl said...

Your heart finish looks good to me, dont think i could do that! Lovely card as well

Angela said...

A lovely card. The heart ornament is so pretty.

Christine said...

Heart finishes are HARD, you've done a great job. Love the card too.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Gorgeous finish!