Friday, 13 February 2009

A Gift, a Rethink and a Question

Despite the current bad weather - yet more snow yesterday and bitterly cold every day - there was a bright point this week when a surprise envelope from Helen arrived through the door. Inside was this rather lovely RAK:

I love the words of wisdom on this piece - a reminder of how life should be lived - as well as those gorgeous stylised birds and flowers. The colours this is shown in is so me too and it would be perfect for the sun room wall (if it ever gets finished enough to hang anything on the walls!), so will probably go for a very similar combination when I stitch it. Thank you again Helen for your generosity and kindness. BTW, hope you have a fabulous holiday. :0)

As the title says I've had to have a rethink: this one was about the piece I stitched for the February Challenge over on Challenge for a Finish. I really like the piece I did but it turned out smaller than anticipated so is far too fiddly for me to achieve the required heart-shaped finish...... well, it is if I want it to look neat and anything like! LOL So the piece I stitched will be turned into something else very soon. Meantime I trawled the net and found another freebie I like just as much....... more importantly, it will be easier to finish as required. Unfortunately I now haven't got a snowball's chance of having it finished for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Ah well, think it'll still be OK for posting on the site though - fingers crossed. So guess what I'll be busy with tonight. LOL

I stitched on Sea Stars last night and got the larger motif finished and a start made on a smaller one but I'd like to get that finished before I take a pic and post an update. I'll leave the latest pic of NW until another time as well - don't want you all to get bored of seeing him. BTW, there's still a bit to go before he's a HD - almost as much as is already stitched.

Now for the question. It's our Silver Wedding Anniversary this year and I've chosen to stitch this gorgeous piece by Elizabeth's Designs:

It not only brings to mind the Tree of Life but the Family Tree, of which we are a part, as well as sheltering boughs and longevity. As it's commemorating such a special event (let's face it, over the years there were times I thought I might have panned him prior to reaching this milestone! LMAO) I want it to look special too. So: I'll be using the recommended DMC threads but have you all any suggestions for a really nice fabric to use on this? I was wondering about a softly coloured hand dye, rather than a plain fabric, but am open to ideas. The chart itself suggests 32ct Burnished Gold Linen (or Toasted Almond Belfast Linen) by R&R Reproductions..... but I wouldn't have a clue where to get that. Is it sold anywhere in the UK? Very interested to see what you all think. :0)

Today has been an enjoyable day. Whilst pottering about doing jobs and tinkering on the computer I've been chilling listening to some CD's. So what have I been listening to? Roxy Music. Sheer bliss, as I haven't been able to listen to my cassettes in a long time, thanks to the player packing up - now I have CD's to listen to instead and the cassettes can go to the Hospice shop for someone else to enjoy. Just finished listening to Roy Orbison and now Alison Moyet is on and next up will be Mediaeval Baebes. As you might guess from these my taste in music ranges widely - though my most consistent love is for Roxy Music (Brian Ferry - Phwoar!), a lot of 60's and 80's music..... with New Age stuff to relax to. Anyone else like such a wide range of sounds or am I of a butterfly mind/just plain weird? ;0)

One of the things I pottered with was making a Valentine's Day card for DH. Nothing like cutting it fine, is there? LOL Am quite pleased with it but will leave a pic until the official day of luuuurve tomorrow. LOL

The veg box was delivered today: as well as the usual goodies and my celery "extra" it had a red cabbage and pack choi in it. Now red cabbage I've only ever eaten pickled before but that's a definite no-no on the special diet, so that's one to check out the veg box recipes for. Pack choi is another veggie that's new to us all and I haven't a clue with this one so that'll be a veg box and veggie site recipes raid. So glad we signed up for the box though, as it's been a real learning curve and expanded our gastronomic horizons quite a bit. Now all I need is to clear some room in the kitchen for my juicer to sit.... aren't allowed fruit juices but can have as much veggies as I can eat and drink, so that'll make a nice alternative to the herbal teas and water. Tonight it's boiled beef and carrots with rice, broccoli and cauliflower and a little roasted beetroot, so I'm off to serve up now DH is home.

Many thanks for visitng and for the kind comments (Hi to newbies!). Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day and a great weekend. :0)


Christine said...

Ah, Bryan Ferry, the boy from Fatfield, my Mum used to reach his niece.
How about one of the vintage effect Zweigart linens for your anniversary piece? Sew and So have them, the vintage peach is very pretty.
I cook red cabbage in the barest minimum amount of water, with chopped apple and raisins, caraway seeds and a dash of balsamic vinegar. Yummy :)

Clare - Aimetu said...

What a lovely gift to receive, some saying are really meaningful, aren't they.

As for your fabric delemia what about chosing a colour from your wedding theme, so long as it's a light shade of the colour:)

Mylene said...

That is a lovely design you pick to stitch for your anniversary.

Happy Valentine's Day weekend!!

Laura said...

I like the design you chose to celebrate your anniversary. I would probably use Lakeside Linen Light Examplar, but many different fabrics would look lovely and give a slightly different effect.

Your Night Watchman project is looking fabulous also.

Julie said...

Nice gift from Helen.

I think i have that chart in my workbox right down at the bottom somewhere!!!

Bryan Ferry ....scrummy :-)